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  1. we trading down for more 6th round picks?
  2. I believe once Dickerson came off the board, trading down was the best option.
  3. Ran a couple sim mock draft last night and at #8, there a few non qb first day starter at pick #8 too good for us to pass. I say we keep #8 but any picks after 8, we should trade down if needed. Pick 39 is a toss up for trading down.
  4. I like how coach Rhule talked about if needed, trading down a pick to acquiring more picks and how Scott saw the same. So did that mean that Hurney was the type of GM to fall in love with a certain player and never really wanted to trade down?
  5. I'm glad we offered a contract. As a fan, it shows that we are serious at wanting to better the roster. Also glad that Haskins is getting a second chance and hopefully he turns it around.
  6. I like Luke and I have Twitter. He just got extended and hopefully this will be hanging in my man cave. @thebuzzeffect
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