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Given a choice everyone wants to take the shortest distance towards making money - Kraken isnt that stupid to fug up his $ that hes worked on for so long. The woman though - will do anything to get a cut of his cash.


How stupid would Greg be to have all his guns sitting in his sitting room there.. and amazingly as the girlfriend said - he threw her on the guns.


Just another Gold digger. :)  GO panthers - GO Hardy

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When you meet up with a crazy chick and you really want to put your dick in her have a contract ready for her to sign - Abraham lincoln






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Either hardy deserves an academy fuging award or he's innocent.

That sounds like damning evidence to her case. He sounded absolutely terrified.

He's still a fuging moron for surrounding himself with those kind of people.

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Hardy claims he was bleeding but the police looked at them both and arrested Hardy. Don't want to make this about race but we all know how it is...

Officers arriving to the scene don't have the 911 call to listen to while making a judgement call at the scene.

If the girl has bruises from being restrained.....odds are responding officers will make a judgement that benefits the woman

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this new way of passing judgement is soooooooo fcuking awesome; GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.  then when a new piece coming out, change your opinion and blame it not knowing the whole story. just a great!!!!11!1!1. super kewl !!!!

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Either she was moved or she was just let go, them feeling the danger was over. Who knows?

If she met the police in the building, why didn't the police go upstairs and arrest Hardy on the spot, if that was the story she was spinning. Why would they let a potential woman beater have the freedom to just turn himself in, when they had the victim in their custody and they were that close?

A lot of the story doesn't make sense to me. Honestly.. I'm in the camp of believing, if he beat her, she would have much more damage than just a few minor bruises and minor scrapes.. which is what some are saying she had? That kind of stuff makes me think that she was being restrained and she was struggling.

It makes pretty good sense. They find her in the hall, she is taken in, talks to lawyer, creates story to save face, and he is charged. His lawyer advises him to turn himself in.

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