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NFL Free Agent News

Mr. Scot

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CBS reporting that the Chargers plan to chase Randall Cobb, Ndamujong Suh and Mike Iupati.

Quite a haul if they land all three.

What kind of cap space do they have available? With trams like the Raiders in a position where they HAVE to spend a poo ton of money on the FA market, some of these dudes are gonna get PAID. Sounds like the Chargers are ready to go all out like the Saints in a desperate effort to cash in on the final years of an aging QB. Maybe it'll work out better for them than it has those hicks down on the bayou.

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Several league sources are talking about Ndamukong Suh to #Dolphins as if it has already happened. DeMarco Murray returning to #Cowboys, too


The fact that there is no state income tax in Florida would mean he would be able to keep several million dollars of this agreement, which is a big difference when you consider that state income taxes in other states like California (13.3 percent) and Michigan (4.25 percent).


Great job man. You're doing a better thank ProFootballTalk w/these possible transactions. Kepp 'em coming.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • 1. The Saints are on an 16-0 run against the NFCS and surely want to make it 17-0.  The Panthers have to come out on fire.   If we force a 3 and out on their first series, it's game on for us.  If they walk down the field and score a TD we might be in trouble.  We have to come out with an attitude that we aren't the Panthers of old.   2. Stop the run.  We have to make this a one dimensional game.  Plain and simple. Stop the run and we'll force Winston into mistakes.  If we don't stop the run it's inevitable that we give up a couple of big plays downfield.  3. This will be a true test for our young DBs.  If they can make some plays, which I believe they will, we'll win.  Jackson and Horn are legit cover corners and will make it tough for Winston.  Our nickel will have to be on point or they kill us underneath.   4. Our defensive line is going against a pretty solid O-line but IMO we have an underrated defensive line.  We are solid interior and out the edge.  We have to get pressure on Winston.  I think we'll get 2 or 3 sacks and plenty of pressures.  We have to stop the run. It's the key to winning this game.  5. Offensively we can't start out slow.  We can't go two quarter (nearly 3) without points like we did last week. Darnold showed some grit last week when the Jets got it to a one score game and drove us down for a FG to put us back up by 2 scores.  Turned out to be the game winning drive.  6. Snow and Brady need to be ready to adjust to what the Saints do after half time.  Last week both offensively and defensively we played like a different team in the 2nd half.  Neither Snow or Brady had an answer for the adjustments the Jets made.  The sign of a good OC and DC is the ability to adjust on the fly after half time.  It's seems like a lot of things that have to go in our favor to win.  I believe as long as we don't shoot ourselves in the foot with dropped passes and stupid penalties we will win this game. 
    • I may be wrong, but once a player from the receiving team touched it, they have to clearly possess it to down it. Why the guy didn’t just put his hand on the ball, is beyond me. 
    • I enjoy Matthew Berry and their Fantasy Football stuff but that's about it outside of the games.
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