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Per RR, Shula was always making Funchess the primary read on almost all the drills and looked nice in the slot in particular.  Guy does indeed seem like the real deal.  I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to not get my hopes up here....

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I was talking to a guy from Dallas yesterday at UNC.  He said that the Panthers are winning 8 games this year, because they play in the south (not that the Skins, Giants,and birdiies are better).  He said that Cam is inconsistent and has no protection and weapons, so the offense is going to be terrible again.  After I made a few "Longest Yard" jokes (Asking him if Adam Sandler or Burt Reynolds is going the be their qb), I explained to him that the offense is what we are getting excited about.

He said the Cowboys are winning 12 games and going to the SB.


He said this:

1. Jonathan Stewart is all we have at RB, and he is injury prone.  Cam is inconsistent.

(Good point, for an outsider.  However, we also have a new #34, Whittaker, Toddman, and Tolbert--oh, and Thompson if we need him, I might guess).

2, Oher sucks.

(Turning that perception around is the key to the season.  I feel confident we can get him to average, which is huge).

3. You have no WRs, except Benjamin. 

(He didn't watch the draft and has not been watching free agency.  I really think Funchess will be an instant hit.  The wildcard is Hill.  If he turns the corner, the NFL is on notice. Ginn/Brown/Byrd/etc. could become threats as well.


Here was my rebuttle:


1. Romo has won 2 playoff games in his career.  Cam has 1.  Cam has 9 seasons to catch Romo.  So shut up about consistency.  You know not what it means.  About Stewart/#34/Whittaker---how is your committee of RBs better?

2. Oher and Matsko will get it back in gear.  Besides, your line is great because it has to be for Romo to play well.  He is a pudgy, immobile choker.  Send the house after Cam and see what happens.

3. Dallas Day Care seems ok with burping players and tailing them to parties, restricting their social media etc. because they think they can win with idiots, junkies, and retards.  At the end of 2015, Panther WRs will be better than Dallas'.


Bottom line--Our defense is going to be better and we have been top 5 for past 2 seasons. You need help getting to the middle of the NFL.

Our special teams were terrible last year, mostly due to injuries.  This year, with Todman, Ginn, and the slew of depth we got with special teams ace distinctions,. we will have the BEST special teams in the NFL. 

And the offense is what everyone is waiting to see.  Cam is healthy and will know his WRs.  The OL will not have rookie G's this year, and our OTs are going to be better.  The WRs are now dangerous and a matchup problem.  We will have 8 wins before the Dallas game. 

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Our offense is dynamic.




That is yet to be determined.


There is still Shula.


Has he ever been "dynamic" with regard to running an offense?  No.


Can he be?


That is yet to be determined.

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It's hard not to get excited about KB and Funch taking advantage of smaller corners. If Hill ever puts it together, look out. I actually would like to see Bersin workout for us. The kid has size.

I liked the draft after I slept on it. Initially I questioned why the trade up ( love Funch) but I thought we could had grabbed him at our original spot in the 2nd. After reading about the other teams trying to jump Atlanta for him, I understand why and I think it was a smart move.

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Lines up all over the place? Not a Benjamin clone?

Damn it's almost like Dave knows what he's doing...

I don't know why people had concern that DF and KB would've been similar, because I would take about all the Kelvin Benjamins they'd let me have. Good on Funchess for being versatile though.

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Does this mean we don't have to hear sniveling about "weapons" anymore?

Who knows. Depends on the argument. We still have less than the Colts (and the reason is obvious that I use them) and others, but because I like the Panthers more than Cam/Luck in fantasy, I'm happy we took Shaq over Dorsett, for example. What we all wouldn't give for Ginn to be the 2013 Ginn and for Brown/Hill/Byrd to reach their full potential.

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