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Worst case scenerio....

Jeremy Igo

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Two years ago Kalil was really bad. Last year he was injured. 


Oher still has not cleared the protocol. And even if he does clear it, for how long? Whole lot of hands to the face in this league. 


I think it is reasonable to think about these things and wonder about contingencies. 

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On 5/11/2017 at 8:41 PM, Jeremy Igo said:


Worst case scenario for the offensive line....


Matt Kalil is just bad and Oher can't clear the protocol.


What then, and what could we possibly hope for in terms of offensive production and a final record?


This guy and his click bait threads, amiright?

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Some people won't hear a word of criticism about their beloved team even when justified. It's not like nobody questioned this decision (fans and media) at the time. I was told in no uncertain terms that he was NOT overpaid by another huddler on the basis that all starting LT's are paid this amount regardless of their skill level. Now its true that I am no expert on contracts-I'm more interested in the sport than the roster, but this looks like a terrible pick up at the moment, and that's not even factoring in what they agreed to pay him. I have heard different things about the dead cap if we cut him after 1 or 2 years so I'm not sure how much of a bad deal this will be. But obviously it has a knock on effect on the Norwell and Star negotiations. So i just can't get my head round how people think this deal was reasonable value.

  I wonder how how long that they can persist with him at LT if he continues to be THIS bad. 


 He's on track to eclipse his horrific 2015 stats at the moment...

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