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Podcast: Clarity on Cam, Remembering Ron, Possible HC’s, Gruden/Seifert/Andy Reid stories.


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Luther is well-connected within the  organization, and around the league. Plus, he actually played in the league for 5+ years, knows schemes and concepts, and found himself inside some pretty interesting locker rooms. We’re working out some details but we both want to do this on a regular basis, and invite other guests to join. It’s not a blockbuster situation here, I get it. But it’s one more piece of quality Panthers content. 

Also, I was traveling this week so we did a Skype call. Sorry the audio wasn’t high quality, but we’re back in the studio next week for Ep5. 

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It was one of my favorite pods I’ve done. And yes, they were plenty of laughs. Some of his stories about playing for Gruden/Seifert/Andy Reid. Hilariously revealing. 

I’ve known him for a while. Luther has a surplus of football IQ and a shortage of bullshit. He ain’t afraid to call people out, past or present. 

Anyway, other than the Skype audio quality, I think you’ll enjoy our chat.

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