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Scott Fitterer's 1st official transaction

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Big receiver with the body type and contested catch toughness to make transition to a big slot or flex tight end role. He added weight and played tight end early in the year, but simply lacked the functional strength as a blocker. However, he's an above-average blocker in space who can help spring receiver screens, jet-sweeps and outside runs. He finds traffic and coverage too often in his routes and needs to get better at using his burst and body to separate. He's a developmental project worth a stash spot while teams keep tinkering and teaching to see if they have something.
  • Praised by staff for his high character and team-first attitude
  • Good size with long frame as a big slot TE/WR
  • Has body control and adjustments to block in space
  • Uses footwork to mirror and sustain his blocks
  • Fires into outside cornerbacks with good force
  • Pass-catching tape was better in 2018
  • Frame and toughness to protect the catch into collisions
  • Can high-point it over coverage
  • Still getting better with potential to attack the seam
  • Built like an inflated receiver with thin lower body for a tight end
  • Hands are wide and grabby at point of attack
  • Not enough power to secure base blocks
  • Crashes into route traffic rather than side-stepping it
  • Sluggish in and out of breaks from the slot
  • Allows coverage to ride on him
  • Needs to play to his speed potential
  • Can do a better job of working back to the football
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2 minutes ago, 45catfan said:

Still need a veteran.

We do, but it seems the first move to address a position that was horrible last year. I think this guy has offensive skills and would probably be a better target/weapon in the passing game than Thomas (speculation).

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Well, If we would have addressed this over the past 3-4 drafts like I wanted, we wouldn't be in this predicament, lol.  I wanted a TE of consequence since the 2017 draft.  Even when we drafted Thomas in the 4th round, I had my doubts about him.  Unfortunately this isn't the draft to fix it now.  Get an established veteran TE in here on a 2-3 year deal and draft his heir apparent on day 2 next year (2022) to groom.

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Here's the thing that most people are overlooking about a TE.  Who is usually the #1 security blanket for a rookie QB?  That's right, so we better damned well make sure we give our rookie QB a warm, fuzzy woobie! 

This dude from Seattle will be competing with Thomas as the #2 TE if Fits plays his cards right.  Fits, don't pull a Hurn...wait, that was completely uncalled for.  My bad.

Edited by 45catfan
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Jordan Reed?  He ain't overtaking Kittle in SF and would give him a chance to start again.  If, BIG IF, he passes his physical with flying colors.  Dude was nasty before a rash of injuries derailed his career in Washington.

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