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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier (SPOILERS)

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I was a little meh about this episode.  I hated Sam's disguise, and the fact he left his phone on...rookie move!

Sharon Carter was cool and all, but the episode didn't seem to solve a lot of issues other than killing of the scientist who re-made the super soldier formula.  Though seeing Walker lose his poo with "Do you know who I am?" was pretty awesome for his character set up.  It didn't seem really tied together.  Like instead of written this way, it was edited into this episode.

Personally, I was hoping that we'd see Sam start to assume the mantle of Captain America more and more.  Not much this episode.  Hopefully episode 4 will help things out.

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14 hours ago, Brooklyn 3.0 said:

Only three episodes left too. They better get to telling some story.

This... 100%.

Lots of good bits, but they are just scattered Legos on the floor. Really need to see something being built by this point.

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I like how they are introducing all the pieces.  Gives people who don't read the comics a idea of them.   I figure the last 3 episodes are going to be pretty intense. 

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Really good episode. Too bad they can't all be like this.

Am I the only one that LIKES Walker? He's scum, sure ... but I just dig him. And now he's all hopped up on screamers! Battle Star is a letdown. Dude is worthless.

Two episode left. Predictions: The PB will be revealed at the very end to set up a movie, Flag crew will get dealt except for the ginger who will escape, Walker will lose the shield, Sam will take the shield, Bucky will go back to his list, and Zemo will be sitting pretty on a yacht somewhere.

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I'll say this, Anthony Mackie has been great this series.  Just wonderful as Sam trying to figure out that HE is the Captain America everyone needs.

As for Walker, I saw an article about how he's not just trying to navigate Wyatt's way out of the shadows of greatness, but his own since his parents are Hollywood Royalty (Kurt Russle and Goldie Hawn).  I never thought about that 😃

I just hate that Sam and Bucky had to fight the Wakandians.  It seemed really out of character for them to jump in against them.  I'd rather they have joined Zemo on the exit from the room.

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