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13 hours ago, OldhamA said:

I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole I'm afraid.

He's one of those picks that if someone takes him and he turns into an All-Pro you just have to shrug your shoulders and applaud.

Dude hasn't played football for two years. It's a no from me. 

you think he forgot how to play in 2 years?

assume he stayed in shape and is fully rehabed/heal, he is a 1st round talent that will fall due to not playing/injury. He is for sure worth the risk in the 2nd round for a team needing a LT

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On 4/10/2021 at 3:19 AM, MHS831 said:

This is a group of informed posters--nice and refreshing. 

By piecing together things I have learned from you all over the past few months and watching the available video of these players, I think we have to look at T as a 2 starter process that should be addressed this off season. 

Moton (according to some of you) wants LT money in the $20-23m range.  Not a good look for a RT.  8 years ago that was elite QB money.  I think we need to draft a LT in round 1, and a RT later to take over in 2022.  There are a lot of young RTs later in this draft and we could be developing one NOW.   So when I see RTs in the middle rounds, I start frothing at the mouth like a rabid rabbit.

Here are some I really like:

2nd round:  Mayfield (some have a first-round grade, but I have him around #40, which is great.  Would we draft 2 OTs at 1 and 2 during the same year?  Doubtful, but he is a swing T and is very mechanically sound.

3rd round:  Carman is interesting because he is a G or RT--which means he could play either...Radunz would be a great developmental RT to draft in round 3 because if our LT every went down, he could switch over without losing too much...

4th/5th  round:  Spencer Brown from N. Iowa should be there early day 3, and at 6'9" and 320 lbs, he is a bigun.  James Hudson (Cincy) and Brady Christensen (BYU) would be nice additions in this range.  Not starters for now, but they will be one day. Remember, D'Ante Smith (ECU) was at the SR Bowl with our staff, and this is about where he starts getting love.

6th/7th round:  Tommy Doyle (Miami Ohio) is a big swing T who has a nasty demeanor.  Former Hockey player.  Josh Ball (Marshall) is a former 4-star recruit who signed with Florida State before transferring to Marshall.  He has a ton of upside, and he may not be drafted.  I think he could start in the NFL in a year or two.



I absolutely LOVE the idea of taking a chance on a mid-late round RT this year. Let him play RG or back up Moton for a year and see what happens. Moton definitely wants big money, and, barring something extreme (knock on wood), will get it next year.

I also like Randunz more than you, and would consider him at 39 if we don't get our LT in round 1. "Analysis: Radunz was an outstanding left tackle for North Dakota State and turned in three outstanding days of practice during January’s Senior Bowl. He offers possibilities at left tackle or even inside at guard in a zone-blocking system and comes with a large upside. While there may be bumps in the road early in his NFL career, Radunz will be a starter in the right system."


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2 hours ago, Black&BlueBubba said:

There gonna be some absolute steals and a bunch of busts coming from the players that opted out last year.  Let’s hope the new GM can sift through all this BS and come out with some gems instead of turds. 

Rhule made a comment about that during the senor bowl, like it was eye-opening. Once I was a big risk taker in the 4-7 round for guys that had injuries....but missing the following NFL nearly all stay behind. It takes a unique player that 100% hard working to over-come this, many are not willing or mentally capable. I still take a risk, just not as many as before.  

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