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Time to stop looking forward and start watching our a$$

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It probably was time about a week ago after the Bucks/Celtics back-to-back losses BUT it is official now.. We are not hopping over anyone in the standings and we have to nestle into the #8 seed..

We need to focus on winning the games we should win and also getting Ball, Monk and (fingers crossed) Hayward back on the court and all gelling together.. Ball seems to have fit right back into place (check).. Monk always runs hot/cold but hopefully we can get him playing closer to like he was before the injury.. Hayward has to come back and build it back up to 75-80% of what he was contributing before his injury.. Hayward is the most important and the one I'm most worried about.. 

We have a very winnable 4 game stretch (DET, CHI, ORL, NO) but follow it up with 4 tough games against playoff teams.. Have to make sure we beat the teams we are supposed to beat and watch our a$$.. Pacers and Wiz probably won't be able to gain the ground but if we can't come together and are in preseason "figure it out" mode... well, i dun need to tell you what could happen in this play-in tourney..

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We need that win last night especially.  I think we'll get together for the next 4 games.  

No hints on when Gordon comes back, but he never hit a groove this season anyway.  I will say this though, I believe in the foundation of this team, and if everyone gets back like we were before the injuries, I could see a little noise in the playoffs.

Then it's off to find a post player for next season.  Enjoy the ride that's left...it's easier knowing we aren't playing for a title



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I'm ok with a play-in round no matter what the outcome winds up being. We'll always wonder what could have been if not for the injuries this year but it is what it is. We either win in the play-in round and make the playoffs which will give our young guys some important playoff experience even if there's no realistic chance we'd beat the Nets or Sixers or we lose in the play-in round and hopefully get another high pick for Mitch to hit on giving us some more young talent here. Either way I think our future is extremely bright, with a chance to actually make some noise in the playoffs as soon as next year.

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