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Inside the Draft Room: A weekend of change for the Panthers

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It's a good read for sure.  I had no idea what they were doing on day 2 at first.  But I suspected exactly what he wrote in the article.  Good stuff.

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1 hour ago, Captain Morgan said:

love the fact that we spoiled the Saints hopes for Horn and Marshall.  That alone makes me give the draft an A+.

It’s a refreshing change eh? Nice to be one or two steps ahead...this is what a professional organization looks like.

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Darin Gantt has been killin it with piece after piece, soooo glad hes back.


Look, Im value type guy, to a fault. Just to add Gettleman made trades up, mainly cause 10 rookies where NOT making those 2014-2017 rosters. Those teams had no space, it was a hotel with no vacancy. It was smart for him to focus a couple players that the staff/coaches truly loved. This current 2020 team need about 25 players......I will tell you what Finesser got about 21 between the draft, FA, and one UDFA. Finesser did what Herinay and Hogfather had no knowledge of, embrace the rebuild. Tho GMan traded back with Bears and another one later, so old dawgs can learn new tricks. BTW heard the whole war room was PISSED about losing Silm Reaper and Dave shocking admitted Jamin Davis was there pick if he didnt go to WFT one before 20 Toney.

Wish Scott was here day one with Rhule, I bet the vision of the team would have been two years ahead and be challenging for a 2021 wild-card. Glad Tepper learned. 


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From the article, a little more confirmation of Tepper's role...

Multiple Panthers staffers talked about the presence of Tepper in the room as one that focused them. Tepper's an active participant in the process. Not in terms of this player or that guy, but making sure every one in the room is taking the right steps to every decision.

"He's very analytical," Burke said. "He definitely makes you think about every step. Trades, who you're picking, he wants you think through the whole process.

"The different perspective is helpful because it's an outsider's perspective."

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