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The ugly lineup

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8 hours ago, Basbear said:

Paradis is about the only spot spoken for and Moton will be one of the Ts. With Daley, Erv, Elf all being injury-prone....its safe to say the OL will be in flux for parts of the season. Rooks round out this unusual group.... OL coach Pat better be a warlock or its along season ahead...OL is not a strength but its not a weakness either given depth has a 10 solid bodies, but all it takes is a bunch of injuries and Darnold will be there soon after. 

Yeah, people too easily forget that Darnold has never been healthy enough for a full slate of games either. 

The fate of that OL shuffling is going to impact how much we see Darnold, even outside his play.

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17 hours ago, KB_fan said:

The daily OT line ups are going to be one of the top two story lines out of camp.  (Along, of course, with the obvious story of how Darnold looks each day!)

I've been opining on Twitter that Rhule's comments today make me nervous for Moton's future.  Are they grooming Christensen to replace him and plan to let Moton walk after this season?  I SERIOUSLY hope not.  I know there's a salary cap and we can't pay every guy, but it's getting so frustrating to have guys we drafted and developed and who have excelled walk out the door so frequently.  Especially with Samir here, and Fitterer, I'm hopeful we'll have better cap management and that pattern will begin to change.  Moton has earned a second contract and the Panthers would be better as a franchise if they reward him, especially since the assumption is that Paradis will be gone next year.  It really helps to have veteran leadership (not just years in the league, but years with the coaching staff and on the team, knowing the offense) on the line.  Moton is already a key part of that and would only be more so next year.

I'm willing to consider Moton could be our best LT at the moment, and a switch could work, but by no means sold on that fact.  And Along with others above, I think Moton would be CRAZY to make that switch unless the team has already locked him up long term.  Too much could go wrong for him in terms of lower-level play.  A big part of me is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"...


OFC how Darnold looks is going to hinge largely on how said OL performs....still no LT nor anything resembling confidence there is nothing short of concerning.

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21 hours ago, *FreeFua* said:


I also believe Moton is looking for LT type money so yah…

I think with Rhule he will get the chance to prove it. If he is as good at LT as RT, then there are some major big bucks coming his way next year. Maybe from us, maybe from someone else. 

If it doesn't work out, he's still an excellent RT and he's going to make really good bucks, but probably from us.

The guy has a major opportunity and a lot riding on this season personally. Hope the pressure doesn't affect his play one bit.

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On 6/16/2021 at 2:37 PM, SBBlue said:

With what Rhule said yesterday, and today...I'd say he's a backup to Moton at R. 

Left will be Erving, Scott, Daley.  Wow did not see that coming. 

If this plays out as it appears and  Erving is the front runner, not depth.  I will have been wrong on all counts.

Crow is warming up on the stove, and they don't even have pads on yet.


Save me a serving, lol.

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