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Bumped into Randy Moss

Ja  Rhule

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Had no idea he lives in Charlotte.  I helped him open the door, had no idea who it was… he turn around and said thanks.  It was like “Holy poo!” moment. He just laugh (probably sees that look a lot) and we went our separate directions.

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Many years ago I bumped into Herman Moore late at night at a Wal-Mart.  He was visiting family, and its the same town that Ferrell Edmunds is from (former NFL TE who's the father of the Edmunds brothers).  He was walking out the door in front of me with a big fan under one arm and a video game system under the other.  I could have swore it was Ferrell.  Then he turned around to me and said "what's up big guy."  I'm like "holy poo that's Herman Moore!"

Up until that point it never sunk in how big Herman Moore was relative to "normal" sized people.  I thought he was a dang NFL TE!

I saw Randy Moss once passing thru the Denver airport.  He didn't even acknowledge me.  I understand I was part of a crowd of people 15 feet away but still. LOL

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17 hours ago, kungfoodude said:

I actually did know that. I had a private jet pilot that I rented a condo on Lake Norman from many years ago that told me about being Randy's pilot. Then he said some super racist about him and made a real awkward silence. 

Randy had two private planes+pilots in Concord airport.  Not sure if he still does.  Randy is a super quiet dude.  Really opposite from his football persona. 

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I just passed by Steve Smith in the Charlotte Airport a few minutes ago.  It's funny as he was walking by all the guys he passed snapped their heads around like seeing a hot chick and you could see most of us mumbling "wait, isn't that Steve Smith?" LOL

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    • Was in a situation where I had to start him in my fantasy league last night (it was between him and a banged up Big Ben) Thankfully, it worked out well for me. 25 fantasy points thanks to those rushing TDs
    • In terms of the RB yup. Could try to use Tremble or just Darnold...he's not a small guy. Not as good as Cam but clearly a better option than our tiny ass RBs
    • I consider our defense to be trending in the elite direction.  So to compliment, I want to really see what the top teams have in the league.   The easy answer being Pat Mahomes or Tom Brady, but it's worth consideration. (I may miss some top guys, but you get the picture) The notable cores: Buffalo QB-Josh Allen *Tandem backfield WR-Stefon Diggs LT-Dion Dawkins C-Mitch Morse Cleveland QB-Baker Mayfield RB-Nick Chubb+Kareem Hunt *Tandem backfield WR-...questionable TE - Trio approach OL-Bitonio+Tretter+Conklin+Wills Chiefs QB-Pat Mahomes RB-Meh, might as well be committee WR-Hill TE-Kelce OL- Brown+Thuney+Humphrey TB QB-Brady RB-*Underperforming tandem backfield WR-Evans & Godwin TE-Gronk OL- Wirfs & Smith Arizona QB-Kyler Murray WR-The entire Group SF It's the OL, Deebo & Kittle DAL Overall balanced attack w/Dak, Elliott, Pollard, Lamb, & Cooper So.... My takeaway: You either need a top flight QB, a top flight OL, or a good enough QB-Receiving w/a few top OL that makes the package click.  Some of these have top RB talent, but are any really workhorses? Who has the overworked RBs? Us, Minny, Titans (good team, awful D), Cinci, Saints... Dallas has even adjusted and Pollard is getting more carries depending on the matchup.  In light of the CMC discussion, it is worth considering how we prioritize the build that continues (and looking quite good at the moment regardless of injuries) We're getting close.  And I don't think we're that off, and the next focus should be OL without question. Finally, after all these years.  OL OL OL OL OL
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