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Yesterdays trades


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Let’s start with the cardinals. They crushed it. Didn’t need a QB and could have had their top choice of any non QB in the draft. Instead they prioritized O-line help and got the first Tackle off the board(picks 10 and 11 were also Offensive tackles and they were sitting at 12 at the first trade). Over a series of 2 trades they only moved back 3 spots, picked up pick 81 this year and a 1st and 3rd from Texans next year. That’s insanely good value to move down 3 spots while only giving up pick 105 and 168. Good for them!

For the Texans that worked out fairly well too in terms of instant gratification of getting a top tier QB and non QB of their choice but man I don’t think I wouldn’t have given up the next years 1st and 3rd to make that deal happen. Seemed way too rich on compensation. 

Now Lions, I just don’t understand their plight either. They were essentially sitting on their choice of the 3rd Non QB player available and dropped 6 spots to grab the 2nd running back taken?? Yes they got the 34th pick too but if I were a Lions fan I don’t think I’d be too happy, especially when you look at the compensation the cardinals just got to move back 3 spots vs 6 spots they just did. 

I know there were other much smaller scale trades and feel free to add them to the discussion but the ones above really stood out to me.

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I don't think the drop off from Will Anderson to Tyree, Carter, Witherspoon was that great for the Texans to give up next year's first. Like I said in another thread I'm fairly confident Texans could have swapped with Lions from 12 to 6 and gave up their second this year and another pick and still got the same caliber player. I mean it would have to take a hell of a year by the Texans offense for that pick not to be top 12. Its more than likely its in the 5-8 range

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IMO, the only trade back that was good value was the Cardinals moving from 3 to 12. They got a good return to do that. 

The rest of the draft night trades felt like teams moving back for the sake of moving back. No value was gained, they just gave themselves a few more minutes to discuss their draft board.

I'm hoping Fitty can extract some value out of pick 39 to help offset the trade ups for Bryce and Corral.

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