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Diablo IV


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Watching the WW Barbs taking the nerfs hard makes me glad I dialed in a Bleed build from the jump.


Once they sort out the aspects that are busted the game will be in near perfect shape. Best launch of a game in forever though. Can't recall a game launching with so few issues in recent memory.

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This "extended" beta time before season 1 has been good for them to gather data.  I look forward to the changes to NM dungeons (better exp, teleport to the dungeon immediately, etc).  They need to buff some skills for different classes, etc.  I think they needed another 6 months to really get this game perfect but it's not far off to where they want it I think.

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1 hour ago, CanadianCat said:

I played the last game and really found it to be mostly button mashing... which is not my thing. Is this game any different?

Yes its grindy button mashing.


I said earlier that I was playing with a friend group that Ive been playing games with for years and no lie this is the first game where one of us just said "meh, fug it this is boring..." and quit.


Its a very fitting continuation of the franchise but its pretty repetitive.  Top that off with the community is getting kind of toxic between the try-hards that are bitching about end game poo two weeks after launch and the dirty casuals (like me) who are bitching about the bitching (like now).

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