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Off-season Thread

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1 minute ago, carpanfan96 said:

I would definitely do that trade for sure. I think he would be a perfect fit for Rod

It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll be moved. I know there’s been talks on and off about him getting moved.

Have to think we’d be interested if he’s available considering we were interested in his brother.

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4 hours ago, Chief_Chokeaho said:

Hearing we might be able to get Nikishin over before the draft. 

If Nikishin comes over it gives the Canes the dynamic puck moving d man who we've been missing... huge if he can come this year..... 

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1 hour ago, PantherChris said:

I've seen some spitballing on a Necas trade and the best I've seen proposed by the talking heads would be Travis Konecty for Martin Necas strait swap... 


I'd love it 

Right now from what I’ve seen and heard, the canes are asking for draft picks and players on entry level contract for Necas. 

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On 5/19/2024 at 9:42 PM, MillionDollarCam said:

There’s zero chance Freddie is not here next year.

You can’t find a goalie less than $4M on the market and Fred’s buyout would still carry a cap hit of over $1M.

I get fans want to just up and get rid of players but that’s not how the NHL works.

Great, another year Rod starts Freddie in net over Kooch on our way to another playoff exit.

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5 hours ago, carpanfan96 said:

Right now from what I’ve seen and heard, the canes are asking for draft picks and players on entry level contract for Necas. 

Link? Because I haven't seen anything about what the Canes have actually been asking no opinion pieces...

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6 hours ago, carpanfan96 said:

Right now from what I’ve seen and heard, the canes are asking for draft picks and players on entry level contract for Necas. 

This makes the most sense. The Canes need to cut salary in a Necas trade, not add it.

Adding a Brady Tkachuk or a Travis Konecny would be nice but we are eventually going to run into cap issues if we don’t start getting contributions from guys on ELC’s.

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    • reading comprehension is hard. you even highlighted it, and still didn’t get it.
    • Yes because nothing happens in the offseason. What a masterful take. Thankfully all the football stuff happens from September to February. Wait didn't they just have something recently? Even an Injury and some contract drama? Nope, couldn't be. There is nothing happening at this time of year according to you.
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