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Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread


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Got the stupid mistakes out of the way last week and gave Seattle the game.  Today is about making a statement. Looking for a big win.


Offense gets 4 TD's

Defense and ST get 1 each.





You predict the final score to 42?  28 of those points coming from an offense that barely woke up last week.  I do not know if I can see that.  Not for the Bills defense at all, but for the Panthers offense.  That's a tall task.  It was a tall task last year.  This is also a game at Buffalo - an often under appreciated stadium.  The defense for Buffalo is hollowed out in the secondary but the front 7 is full of what-was players and up-and-comers.  Who shows up on defense for the Bills?  Your guess is as good as mine...but 28 points by the offense would be a strong outting.  6 TD's total...that's a lot.  A very lot.  The Bills special teams is very good.  The offense has CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson.  Two RB's that can keep pounding the line and will.  There is no quit in FJax, and CJ is a homerun hitter.  He will get -2yds, 2yds or break one open for 20+.  There is no difference and if you see him start to hit holes, find a rythym and he gets his butt up field he will pick up yards.


Panthers will (I bet there is a thread for this, but I am rebelling against the norm.  My shrink said it was OK):


get 4 sacks

get 2 interceptions

score 4 TDs

win 34-17.

Lafell, Ginn, and Tolbert will have bigger roles. 2 will score TDs.  I am not telling which two.  That is a secret.

Luke will get 15 tackles, and one of the interceptions.  He could also recover a fumble, or he could not recover a fumble.  I am certain about one of them.

Watch for an unsuspecting hero. 


I do not want to spoil the outcome any more than this.  

I do not see 4 sacks against Manuel.  If Kolb was starting I could see 4 sacks.  The INT's...sure why not.  I think Buffalo is better then 17 points.  I expect both teams to put at least 20 points up.


An unsuspecting hero for the Bills D...Carrington, #92.  He is a high motor guy who is quick.  He played OLB in the 3-4 in the past few seasons.


at the ralph. where are we tailgating?


All ya'll better chose Hammers Lot, but you'd have had to get there by 8.

I don't see how the Bills score 17.

I think 17-9.

That would be a very disappointing game.  If the panthers can't score more then 17 on the Bills defense with Newton starting and a subpar DB unit for the Bills.

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