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  1. From the games I watched last year so-so, but part of that was scheme as it looked like his responsibility was pass rush, outside contain, run defense over the tackle/te in that order (trying to utilize his pass rushing skills against the play action I guess) even on non obvious passing situations. We can trust Rivera to get whatever is left in Allens tank out as he understands how to keep the dline fresh.
  2. 1. Less than half of the passes completed 2. 195 yards on 37 attempts 3. 2td 1int This scream below average but no close to terrible. As he is graded. So what is the issue?
  3. I love the guy predicting a 34-10 victory as they have topped 33 points exactly once since Schaub left after 2012. And that was playing Tennessee :D
  4. Our st was terrible last year so I do not see both guys we brought in to help cut. So swap out Glanton or Bersin.
  5. Kalil has a $7.5M salary next year so none will take that for an aging center regardless. Plus okung is a FA. So no.
  6. Why? Because the cba regulates this. This has nothing to do with coach Rivera. 2 a days are allowed from the 4th day of camp but only one of them can be padded and the other one none full speed (so basically walk through). And there is a max of 3 hours in pads and 4 hours total for one day.
  7. Rookie wage scale all the way, we might not be able to keep both star and kk on second contacts. Still, let's enjoy it while it lasts.
  8. Douglas and 2014 white > Hardy and 2015 White. Baker is not coming back so to me it looks like they are banking on Mathews improving for their offense to improve. I see nothing that will scare our d. Does Quinn's defense depend on great large dbs? If so the fact that Godfrey was no sent packing is enough evidence they will suck, as usual, this year. Given a couple of years of building a d while Julio is still great and Ryan is still solid they will compete. But a year removed from not winning a game outside nfc south? I am not worried.
  9. Team average yards per return: 10.2 11.3 7.6 10.5 6.9 11.5 10.8 8.5 10.1 5.9 10.8 4.6 8.9 10.8 8.3 10.9 5.5 10.2 10.5 8.0 Ginn's year is the 10.5. How anyone can call 0.4 yards within the third best we ever had "failed" is beyond me. But i guess it is easier to have an opinion than to check the facts. I was surprised to see smith at only 10.8 and 8.5. I'll give you two guesses for the 5.5 year, but you are only going to need one :).
  10. No it is not, based on thousands of observations a controlled pure hand based measurement is roughly 0.1 second faster than the combine method (hand start, laser finish) and 0.2 faster than a pure laser method. And in the world of 4.4 is a speed guy and 4.5 is a slow guy, that difference matter. The fact that those times have very little to do with on field production, except to removed the really slow guys, does not change the fact that combine and hand timed pro day times are not comparable without compensating for the difference in method.
  11. No, first I was going to put hell freezes over but compared to the huddle not drinking the Patriots not cheating was the only thing I could think of that was at least close in unlikelyness .
  12. If you guys just stay away from the beer (and other alcohol!) until the game we should see nothing but sixpacks in that pool. I also believe the Patriots will never again try to bend a rule.
  13. The question is: Is the Seahawks still a sb, or even play off, team if Wilson eats $22-25M of the cap? He is good and clearly worth in the $15M range, but if he demands to be the best payed ever it is the right call to let him walk. Your running have and d still makes you a play off team. We are already paying premium for cam and like someone said without him we are the Jets. So we have no choice but to pay up. It had nothing to do with cam or Wilson being better, it is all about us not having the luxury of a back up option like you do.
  14. As a non-American I have a hard time understanding the issue? Are employers expected to show up at funerals like this? Or is it a football thing?
  15. What happens with the cap in this case? There is no pay, but the cap hit still applies? If not it could be an idea to signing him for $10M banking on 4 of that coming back. If not, can it be built into the contact? I know it is still a long shot that we sign him, this is just thinking that a creative cheaper than expected rental might be available.
  16. Everyone seams to have missed that we also cut Jasper the same day, not just bond. So it could be that they just want a really heavy body on the practice field with no plans to ever play him.
  17. Ties!! Give me lots and lots of ties Nice post, I wouldn´t worry to much about the Cowboys. Someone has to win that awful division so they might as well do it (at least that should mean less talk about THE KNEE).
  18. First, I must admit last night I was thinking "Perfect timing to be traveling next sunday so I don´t have to watch this team". But it is amazing what a good night sleep can bring. I think it was a miracle that the offense got the ball with 6:30 left and came away with 3 points, all but 1:42 och no buffalo time out left after struggling all day. They gave the defense a chance to win it. Considering one of the worst secondary in the league lost 3 starters during the game and had one of the back ups (Norman) playing hurt. I do not pin the last drive on the coaches. For a while in the 3rd we couldn´t even use our nickel package on 3rd and long because there was only two conrners/nickels health, that should tell you something. Amazing you laugh, or cry, when you see that wildcat? Why, if you get 9 yards on 2 plays deep in enemy territory that is good play calling. And after the Bill had the end of quarter time out to adjust they did not use it any more.
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