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  1. Have we mentioned that absolutely no one wanted a 17th game?
  2. I still believe it's a trash move to add one more game, but take away the bye week for the #2 seeds.
  3. Get the local kid from Concord -- HAMSAH NASRILDEEN!
  4. Since we all know a new stadium is coming, I really hope they build it like Arizona or Tottenham like they referenced.
  5. I also say Circa Survive, but I'm going Blue Sky Noise & "Imaginary Enemy"
  6. Congrats on a legendary career! He was always a thorn in our side. Hopefully NO struggles with the QB position for a while.
  7. This is the only thing we should be concerned about. Remember when they had to recently cancel that game in Mexico City for a similar incident?
  8. Cam took a team with no defense and practice squad offensive weapons and still won more games than us. He's not as good as he once was, but no QB was gonna take NE as far as he did under those circumstances. I'm not ready to call his career over.
  9. We've known since the schedule release that this was going to be a tough game. To many people, the Packers are still the best team in the NFC. While a loss here wouldn't derail our season, a win would be huge for the Panthers. Not only to stay undefeated, but it shows that we can win big games. The past 3 weeks have felt like playoff games and this one will be no different. A win here builds that experience and confidence that will be beneficial in January. The Pack is good, but we ain't too shabby ourselves.
  10. That one is for all those "Tolbert needs to be cut", folks! TOLDOZER!!!
  11. Clearly, your loyalties lie with Smitty and not the Panthers. You have done nothing but insulted others and made unfounded claims since you started commenting. If you're that dedicated to one player, go and buy a purple 89 jersey. They must being having a MUCH better season since they have Smitty. Never in my life as a Panther fan would I think someone would complain and prefer to jeopardize a team that is 5-0 and 2x reigning divisions champs for the sake of a their own nostalgia and a fairy tale ending for one player. Panthers > Smitty...and if you don't agree with that, then perhaps you should take that short bus to Baltimore.
  12. Panther fans stay loyal to the Panthers, not one player. Smitty is not greater than the team. It doesn't matter if Smitty is the greatest Panther to date (which he is), times have changed. Being emotional and loyal to a player and not the team is what got JStew, DeAngelo, CJ, Jake, and Beason all huge contracts that resulted in the long run a team that was $16 mil over the cap. Gettleman made the decision to cut Smitty. Gettleman got this team under the cap. Gettleman drafted the NEW Carolina Panthers. Gettleman gave a squad that us 5-0 and back to back NFC South champs. Gettleman has us set up for continued, long term success. Those plans do not include Steve Smith. The best thing you can do as a Steve Smith supporter is to hope Joe Flacco keeps looking his way and padding his stats. He'll need them to secure his spot in Canton.
  13. I'm already getting ready to vomit listening to Deion and Cowher suck off the Falcons
  14. I'm thrilled to hear the Remmers continues to succeed at RT. I'm just left wondering if Oher becomes too much of a liability...would they entertain the idea of putting Remmers or Daryl Williams on the left side.
  15. I'm really glad to hear that Colin Jones looks so improved. I always liked having that guy fly around on the field on special teams and during the buffalo package. He shows a lot of hustle when he is on the field and is always looking for an opportunity to be a playmaker. Top-notch material as always, Jeremy. Thank you, good sir!
  16. He did better than Bell would have. That is all a lot of us were asking for.
  17. Dominating performance in rhis tournament. They were noticably better each game they played. It funny that this particular team won tho...the 2011 squad seemed to me to have more talent.
  18. The Hardees hotdog/chips/Burger hybrid seems a bit ridiculous as well.
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