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  1. My darkhorse pick for Panthers at 52: Ronnie Perkins
  2. B+ When Sewell were gone and we apparently didn't receive a trade down package that was attempting enough, selecting the best corner in the draft that fills a huge need was the best option.
  3. I believe Fitterer once mentioned something alike "throwing poo at the wall and see what sticks" so I wouldn't be suprised if we draft a QB. That being said, there was a report mentioning that we weren't too enticed with the QB's outside of the best two, so maybe in a later round, but not at pick 8.
  4. That is the most likely scenario and what I believe will happen, but no one otherside of the jets and 9ers organization really knows what will happen including Albert breer
  5. I believe that too, just cant exclude the other options. The point is I believe SF knows exactly what Jets Will do. Personally I believe that SF traded up for Fields most likely, maybe Wilson. I dont believe that Mac will be their Guy at All.
  6. SF might have traded up for Wilson if they know that Jets will not be selecting a QB. Close ties between SF and Jets. Will be interesting to see
  7. I think Lawrence, Wilson, Fields, Sewell, Pitts, Smith, Parsons will go in that order before us, leaving us with a chance to grab a QB: #8 Trey Lance, QB #39 Teven Jenkins, OT / Dillon Radunz, OT / Brady Christensen, OT - Best Tackle available #73 Josh Myers, OC #114 Quinn Meinerz BPA from there on.
  8. Reminds me of Funchess but faster and with Better hands
  9. If the top QBs are gone I say we build the Oline and let them gel for a year before getting our QB next year.
  10. Creed Humphrey, Wyatt Davis, Deonte Brown, Jackson Carman, Dillon Radunz, Brevin Jordan Andre Cisco, Quincy Roche
  11. This happens over and over again. We go prevent defense (and offense) as soon as we reach the 4th quarter!
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