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  1. The proof is always in the pudding. The 28-3 Patriots versus Atlanta team had the worst offseason and injury history that season maybe ever ever
  2. Does PFF get a list of called plays, audibles and targets on each play, break down tape knowing these? because otherwise you are just guessing reads and making poo up
  3. Maybe the Washington Indigenous
  4. Everyone always looks for the magic bullet with defense. It’s really just adjusting to the players you have and putting them in the best spots to win. The best coaches always do that. Belicheck has run many different kinds of base schemes and it was always to adjust to his players. Wade Phillips and others too. when coaches pick a rigid scheme like square minded fans think and try to find players that only fit that scheme it’s when it goes bad.
  5. You do mean he choked after bounty gate, Adrian Peterson having multiple fumbles and that last high low tackle where he should have been in a wheel chair as Sean Payton said?
  6. Makings of the new Legion of Boom. we need a real corner to go with them though.
  7. You have to draft a tackle man. He’s garbage.
  8. Deshaun is a badass. If he and Patrick Mahomes had reversed teams Watson would be an MVP and Super Bowl winner right now instead of Patrick who would be sad, almost forgotten and unhappy. Such is the luck of who drafts you. Carolina would be so lucky.
  9. It really depends on the coaching staff and of course the right scouting. Trading up for Mahomes was a home run. Trading up for some others was a disaster. Im sure some of the same teams that traded up for disasters would have turned Mahomes into a disaster also. Atlanta drafting Brett Favre was a disaster. Mike Holmgren understood him and was able to adjust his WCO schemes to Favres strengths and the rest is a Golden history. it’s the talent for sure, but I put it much more on the talent of the coaching staff.
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