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  1. He looks like a QB for a movie from Central Casting. If you just needed to look like a QB, here you go. But he really doesn't have control of his body at this point, and he's 24 years old. I wish him well, but there's NO WAY the Panthers draft him, and I think whoever does has a BIG challenge on their hands.
  2. I'm with you there! As much as I like the game play of LF, Strand, Neomuna and what not, the story development of the expansion was piss poor. We shouldn't have to be going "Geez, we know nothing!" nine years into this story. From the mcguffin like the veil to why our light powers still work in the absence of the Traveler, or even what's going on with the Traveler to why the Witness is even here to destroy the Traveler? It's all too confusing. My hope is that Destiny is able to start to rectify it. I love the seasonal stories. I feel like those are the strongest narratives in the game right now. The Witch Queen was phenomenal from a story perspective, and I think we were all hoping for more of that style. Calus would have been a great vessel for this since he has a strong relationship with us and Caital. Why not have Calus capture us and Osiris at the start of the expansion. Try to convince us to join him for the greatest party of all time, become his shadow, etc. Then the Cloud Striders could have come in and broken things up. They could have explained that the Veil has always been on Neptune, and is the source of their power and knowledge. Without it, their citizens would die. Give it a practical purpose here. Then we could have learned what the veil was thank to all of our time spent on Calus's ship. As a psycho-paracausal creation, the veil was instrumental in creating a bridge between the material and deeper realms? Maybe that the veil was the key to allow travel to the Garden where the gardener and winnower wage their eternal, primordial battle between life and entropy. The Traveler is a disciple of the gardener, and the Witness is of the winnower. That's kind of what I think is happening. It wouldn't have taken a lot to get there, but to give us enough explanations of the major things, purposes and motivation. It sucks that we're just not getting it in game right now.
  3. The worst was seeing and hearing Zavala... Too much.
  4. The major issue with Cam is his presence and personality. Lots of these kids grew up playing him in Madden and idolizing him. How do you trot out a young guy who is struggling when you have Cam there ready to roll, smiling like a million bucks, looking like your custom designed character, and his infectious energy? i understand that Cam wants to start, but he’s not going to be a franchise guy anymore. He could be a gadget player and backup at this point in his career. He could probably give 5-6 starts at most a year and keep you in it. But his shoulder is still a major concern. I love Cam. He is the best an we’ve ever had. But Father Time is undefeated.
  5. Oh holy shite! This week's seasonal story.... Oh fudge!
  6. I agree that that's probably the reason why right now, but I'm not sure it bears any fruit. Dude, I'm so stealing that when I talk about Shakespeare later this year! For me, I have no clue. I love the speculation because it's a wonderful distraction from my personal life events that suck. Keep it up! I trust this staff about a billion times more than the last staff to develop anything!
  7. As much as I know the entertainment world is hurting, I can't imagine how bad it is for his family. He was such a nice and cool guy. Lots of stories about him just being an excellent human being. If you want to, you can make a donation in his name at his preferred charity: https://www.momcares.org/
  8. Yep. I think that Zavala is going to go. Would be fitting as he's been here the entire time. I'm not sure they'll do an AI performance, out of respect to Reddick and their desire to not use AI. I think with the quantity of his line work, they will have something they can edit together. But Commander Zavala has to go out with a bang, something Heroic. Then does the Vanguard go away with the end of Light and Dark? Or what else happens? Oh, here's an interesting video about how lightfall was actually not in the plans, which would explain a LOT.
  9. I saw today and was shocked. Such a cool dude, dog lover and great character actor. He was always so fun to watch. It sucks. Bungie will try their best to honor him, but you know the community will hate it, regardless of whatever it is.
  10. That's what I thought when I saw it. DJ is not a talker at all. He's still dealing with it emotionally because he has to uproot his family to Chicago and it was very sudden. So personally, I get it. For the rest of things: it's all just football talk. Nothing too crazy there. We have some massive snowflakes in this part of the fanbase.
  11. I'm running the big brain: I'm not touching crucible =P MAYBE next iron banner...depends on the armor. Generally I can't stand PVP in destiny since 75% of the times I'm killed, I have no idea what I could have done differently.
  12. LOL, don't be ashamed =P I still can't bring myself to buy the silver lol. So I have some thoughts on the new difficulty curve. While I'm not a "I'll solo legendary campaign for funz" guy, I'm not a complete potato. I have builds, synergy with weapons and exotics. I guess I'm an "intense casual." Last night, I was running the new Heist Battlegrounds playlist. Well, I ran one game. It took 30 minutes to get through it. I was play with guys who died a lot. Like more than 30 times between the other two players. I kept running to rez and getting killed as well. It seemed like one play was just "there" while the other guy and I did the encounters and rezed him (and died almost immediately after). I don't mind doing hard stuff, well for me. I did solo my whole exotic pulse rifle and catalysts last season. That was pretty cool, but I think Bungie stepped too far in making us all incredibly weak. I mean, I'm running 100 resilience with various sniper/energy mods depending on what kills me. Heck, even with Woven Mail, I was getting flattened. I don't think the more casual audience than me is going to keep playing if they are going to keep getting curbstomped constantly in the seasonal playlist activity.
  13. I can see the point: if you're a prideful alpha male, who wants to sign on to giving up your job to a kid? Very few pay well enough to do that! If our rookie is ready to rock, let them start. Cam had a LOT to learn, but still came out kicking butt his rookie year. The bridge QB sounds like a nice luxury, but I think it's up to the coaching staff to earn their paychecks and prep that first player to come out and win.
  14. I imagine that he's testing the market, much like Bozeman did. Bozeman saw that he wouldn't make $10 million a year, and said he'd come back for a place he likes where he's going to get as good a deal as he can. Foreman is probably in the same boat. See who will pay the most because he's a runningback and knows that he's not in the CMC class of big money backs.
  15. What are we at? 6 weeks until the draft? So yeah, this is going to be the ad nauseum talking point for a LONG time. The reality is Carolina can't get it wrong, or else everyone loses their jobs. No pressure guys.
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