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  1. This is who I’m most excited about. He’s going to be a stud.
  2. Can’t even be upset with Robby. He will probably not match last seasons production with a new QB, the return of CMC, and the new additions on offense. That might lower a contract he could get on the market next offseason, and it’s pretty obvious the panthers are moving on after this season. Give me an extension or trade me, now.
  3. He’ll be alright. That’s what insurance is for. When you shine, gotta expect the wolves to try you at times
  4. Gotta keep up with the league. Whatever it costs. My people in Winston says pay whatever needs to be paid
  5. We need a new state of the art stadium. Big Tepper letting it be known Charlotte gone help with the cost, too lol
  6. I was impressed with Snow last season, probably more than any other coach. He did his thing with what he had last season. I don’t know about top 10, but I believe he’ll have his unit prepared.
  7. A shot of crown, and a tequila sunrise at this lounge.
  8. Damn, I’d have to seriously consider dumping the Braves.
  9. As a fellow HBCU alum, I really rooting for the kid from Grambling, Moore. He was dominant down there in Grambling.
  10. All these trades and not a damn pick added next year. I could atleast understand it somewhat then
  11. I wouldn’t pick up that 5th until I absolutely have to, 2nd rd pick be damn. Also, if Fields is there at 8, I take him.
  12. I’m going to go with 2010 being the worst. Once the other team scored, you pretty much knew it was over. As for this situation, the team didn’t/doesn’t want Teddy, and that has been made known publicly for the most part. Teddy is handling this as professionally as possible IMO.
  13. Why I love going to games when we play the falcons here in Atlanta. My child’s mother’s sister is a falcons season ticket holder, and invites me out to the tailgates. Always a great time, with some of the best food and drink I’ve had at a stadium.
  14. Darnold isn’t a rookie, and quite frankly, with a new contract on the horizon, we don’t have time for slow progression or the time you’d give one of these rookies. I want to see 9/10 wins, and 25+ TDs. He also needs to show the ability to be clutch.
  15. Hoping we can pick up Mac Mccain III in the draft. Corner from A&T that has been a beast from the moment he first stepped on to the field.
  16. This team will more than likely not be bad enough to get a Howell or the OK QB next draft. You’d have to “trade the moon” next offseason to move up.
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