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  1. everyone else: cancel culture: cam newton was removed from the banner! everyone else: but he was never on the... cancel culture: I'M MAD!!!!!!!!
  2. i'm not going to say it's all on joe brady, but... predictable playcalling woulld increase the odds of interceptions and "ambulance" passes. predictable playcalling would make an oline less effective. predictable play calling would make it impossible to score in the red zone. again...not saying it's all in joe brady, but...he's a major factor as to why the panthers offense is absolutely unbearable to watch.
  3. hubbard IS a drop off from mccaffrey, but then again...so is probably 95% of the RBs and WRs in the league.
  4. robby anderson on offense. no one on defense. it's the only thing that has the team competetive...and watchable.
  5. saw the thread title and said henning before clicking it and seeing the list. somehow his offense was blunt, brutal, and beautiful all at the same time. it was the epitome of keep pounding.
  6. in the same time frame...the falcons have drafted 3, the bucs 4, and the saints 6.
  7. when you say not the strength, do you mean not the focus? that's how i see it. panther fans are accustomed to run focused offenses...i'm pretty sure those days are gone.
  8. i'm not sure how any of this is possible after watching hurney operate for the past decade...but apparently it is.
  9. could it be robbie getting more attention from the defense because he's a proven threat, and sam is taking what they give him with moore benefitting from it all?
  10. ...or he continues to ball out and leads wft to a super bowl.
  11. yup...his frustration is clearly directed at whoever it was who walked in front of the camera.
  12. to beat the saints, you have to beat sean payton. the players are going to have to ball out to beat him...cause i seriously doubt rhule stands a chance at out coaching him.
  13. some of the best players in the league have gone to foxboro and struggled.
  14. maybe, maybe not...but if newton doesn't have a full grasp of the offense, that would explain ted johnson's take on cam newton vs. eagles.
  15. i believe him. belichick is about winning, now more than ever. i seriously doubt he risks another losing season over vaccination status when there are protocols in place for unvaccinated players. newton not following those protocols only added to the over hyped newton vs. jones "competition". if newton actually outplayed mac jones in the offseason, newton would be under center day 1.
  16. dwayne jarrett is the first name that comes to mind when i hear the words panthers and bust together. a second round pick who was drafted to replace keyshawn johnson...but in four years, he couldn't produce half of what keyshawn did in a single season.
  17. jameis winston is already a failure. i wish nothing but failure for the saints.
  18. i'm too lazy to look, but i could have sworn the texans were making plans to trade him before the draft...then all hell broke loose.
  19. a breakout season for moore would be double digit touchdowns to go with his yards.
  20. carolina's had speed for several seasons...they just haven't had a qb to take advantage of it.
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