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  1. my guess... cam newton was never part of tepper's plans for the future, and things had the possibility to get messy behind the scenes real quick with newton wanting the organization to commit to him. out goes cam. in comes teddy...a rushed spur of the moment decision.
  2. just wait until the second half. putting your finger in brady's face is just asking to be on the wrong side of a highlight reel.
  3. jake holds the record for throwing the longest pass in super bowl history.
  4. friday night is high school football. saturday is college. sunday is nfl. don't fug with my schedule.
  5. from the chiefs - kelce. he is just unstoppable. he's the glue that holds kansas city's offense together. from the bucs - since i can't pick brady, no one. tampa bay has a bunch of talent, but no standout game changing players. brady makes it all work.
  6. he does. that blue line isn't official. just screen dressing.
  7. if it was new orleans or atlanta, yes. tampa bay, not so much.
  8. they may have lost the big game, but imo this one picture sums up the entire season...
  9. i'm pretty sure the ruling is BOTH feet have to touch inbounds.
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