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  1. Same problem he had last year before they started giving him help. Speed, his feet aren't fast enough. He gets killed against speed and if he doesn't have help, he's gonna get beat or have to step early. It also looks like teams are purposefully moving their speed rushers to his side against us as well.
  2. Yea with how long he's been holding the ball so far, probably would've been 15-16 qb hits instead of the 9 or 10 that Dalton got. I just don't see how you can play him til the line is healthy
  3. Might have to with the oline play. Wilson, Darnold. Carr (the first one) there's tons of others as well. The list of qb's that were ruined as rookies because of seeing ghosts is pretty dang long.
  4. That's not the issue. The issue is that Reich and Browns offense doesn't fit icky. Hell it doesn't fit 90% of our oline that was built for power running with us running stretch zone rpo.
  5. Divinity os 1 and 2 were games by Larian that I really enjoyed. So I had no doubts about this one at all. This is the lovechild of os 1 and 2 for sure. You could probably say it was os 3. Lol. I'm about 20 hours in now..... I can't stop playing.
  6. Scheme doesn't fit the players. Most of the oline is power football and the Pantherd aren't running power runs. They don't move well enough for Reich offense, especially the backups.
  7. Doubt Frank gets fired mid season. Means Tepper was wrong again during the season and had a real one last year in Wilks and let him go. He's going to keep Frank around for as long as humanly possible
  8. I don't think so, Dalton stood in the pocket and took 9-10 qb hits... Young would've seen ghosts during this game imo
  9. I look at the schedule and I don't see 5 or 6... I struggle to see more than 1. Lol
  10. I'm going back to Tepper meddles and until he stops this team won't get better. Lol
  11. Watching some TV and then playing bg3 myself. Enjoy starfield
  12. I think so. Don't think he allows that trade for Young and if we do move up it's for Stroud or AR. He probably takes a defensive player at 9 overall. Grabs a fa qb like Dalton and keeps Foreman and plays hard-nosed offense and defense.
  13. Finally picked it up and I'm having a blast. About 12 hours into the game right now.
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