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  1. I always thought it was a combination of Hurney and Brady plus cam wanting a new contract extension
  2. They tried to sign him to a 2 year deal, so it's possible he gets one of those next year.
  3. Word is he was part of the minority group pushing to get Tomlin fired.
  4. Raleigh has actually caught up to Charlotte, only about 50k difference between the two areas. Charlotte fell a spot to 22nd and Raleigh jumped to 24th on recent TV market size. Add them together like the NFL apparently does and it's top 10 in the country I believe.
  5. Person is as connected to a team and its front office as a reporter can get. If he doesn't know what's going on, no one does.
  6. I'll say yes. 2 first, 2 2nds, 2-3 picks between round 3-5. Anderson on offense and either Burns on defense. So 6 picks and 2 starters.
  7. So much holding in this game by Dallas not being called. That hold shoulda been a personal foul.
  8. Panthers 35 Cowboys 15 Panthers pull away in the fourth continuing a trend as Jerry's world goes silent. Bold stats: Hubbard has 150 yards from scrimmage, Dak gets sacked 6 times and turns the ball over 4 times. 3 of which are in the fourth quarter.
  9. Dallas News has a score projection of 20-3 in favor of Dallas. I've seen some that have Dallas scoring 30+ points and holding the Panthers to 20-27. Got to win this one, or i won't hear the end of it next week. Lmao
  10. He was either passing him off to Paradis or the RB was supposed to be there to chip that guy. Paradis is really the only one who completely missed and it shows. Lol
  11. Being in DFW area, Dallas fans think this game is an easy W no matter what. They think the Panthers defense isn't that good, same with the offense. Had someone at my work say they were going to win by 20. :shrugs: cowboy fans being cowboy fans. Lmao
  12. Trevor has always been surrounded by tons of talent and is trying to do too much but I never thought he was a can't miss prospect
  13. NFL.COM has the Panthers at 18 and the Saints at 19. Lol
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