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Final Panthers Cuts

Jeremy Igo

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OK, I've been looking at the roster.  With news that Ricky Henry has just been cut, by my calculations, there are 8 on the bubble, and only 1 of these 8 will make the roster:


 Brown, CoreyWR5'11185232
 Byndom, CarringtonCB6'0180231
 Folkerts, BrianC6'4310253
 Mayo, DavidLB6'2240220
 McCray, JordanG6'3320231
 Trusnik, JasonLB6'4250319
 Wallace, MartinT6'6330252
 Young, LouCB6'1205231
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In case it helps, here are the 52 I have as making the roster.  In alphabetical order:

1Addison, MarioDE6'3260275
2Anderson, DerekQB6'62303211
3Artis-Payne, CameronRB5'10220250
4Benwikere, BeneCB6'0195232
5Boston, TreS6'1210232
6Brockel, RichieTE6'1255295
7Chandler, NateT6'4315264
8Cole, ColinDT6'23253511
9Coleman, KurtS5'11200276
10Cotchery, JerrichoWR6'12053312
11Davis, ThomasLB6'12353211
12Dickson, EdTE6'4255286
13Ealy, KonyDE6'4275232
14Edwards, DwanDT6'33053412
15Funchess, DevinWR6'4225210
16Gano, GrahamK6'2205286
17Ginn, Jr., TedWR5'11185309
18Harper, RomanS6'12053210
19Horton, WesDE6'5270253
20Jacobs, BenLB6'4240273
21Jansen, J.J.LS6'2240298
22Johnson, CharlesDE6'2282299
23Jones, ColinS6'0205275
24Kalil, RyanC6'2300309
25Klein, A.J.LB6'1240243
26Kuechly, LukeLB6'3238244
27Lotulelei, StarDT6'2320253
28Love, KyleDT6'1315284
29Marlowe, DeanS6'1205230
30Miley, ArthurDE6'6265220
31Newton, CamQB6'5245265
32Norman, JoshCB6'0195274
33Nortman, BradP6'2215254
34Norwell, AndrewG6'6325232
35Norwood, KevinWR6'2200252
36Oher, MichaelT6'4315297
37Olsen, GregTE6'5253309
38Remmers, MikeT6'5305263
39Scott, ChrisG6'4340284
40Short, KawannDT6'3315263
41Silatolu, AminiG6'4320264
42Stewart, JonathanRB5'10235288
43Thompson, ShaqLB6'0230210
44Tillman, CharlesCB6'22103413
45Tolbert, MikeFB5'9250298
46Turner, TraiG6'3320222
47Webb, JoeQB6'4235286
48Wegher, BrandonRB5'10215240
49Whittaker, FozzyRB5'10205263
50Williams, BrandonTE6'4255273
51Williams, DarylT6'6335220
52Williams, TeddyCB6'1210274
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So, with news that Mayo is on the 53, based on today's confirmations (B. Williams, Chandler, Silatolu, etc.), this is my best guess as to the final 53, sorted by position.  Only 4 CBs (3 of whom are injured at the moment) and 4 WRs (+ Webb who I guess counts as a 5th).  Anyone see any others who would be cut?

Miley can't be put on the short-term IR until tomorrow if I understand correctly.

Kalil, RyanC6'2300309
Benwikere, BeneCB6'0195232
Norman, JoshCB6'0195274
Tillman, CharlesCB6'22103413
Williams, TeddyCB6'1210274
Addison, MarioDE6'3260275
Ealy, KonyDE6'4275232
Horton, WesDE6'5270253
Johnson, CharlesDE6'2282299
Miley, ArthurDE6'6265220
Cole, ColinDT6'23253511
Edwards, DwanDT6'33053412
Lotulelei, StarDT6'2320253
Love, KyleDT6'1315284
Short, KawannDT6'3315263
Tolbert, MikeFB5'9250298
Norwell, AndrewG6'6325232
Scott, ChrisG6'4340284
Silatolu, AminiG6'4320264
Turner, TraiG6'3320222
Gano, GrahamK6'2205286
Davis, ThomasLB6'12353211
Jacobs, BenLB6'4240273
Klein, A.J.LB6'1240243
Kuechly, LukeLB6'3238244
Mayo, DavidLB6'2240220
Thompson, ShaqLB6'0230210
Jansen, J.J.LS6'2240298
Nortman, BradP6'2215254
Anderson, DerekQB6'62303211
Newton, CamQB6'5245265
Webb, JoeQB6'4235286
Artis-Payne, CameronRB5'10220250
Stewart, JonathanRB5'10235288
Wegher, BrandonRB5'10215240
Whittaker, FozzyRB5'10205263
Boston, TreS6'1210232
Coleman, KurtS5'11200276
Harper, RomanS6'12053210
Jones, ColinS6'0205275
Marlowe, DeanS6'1205230
Chandler, NateT6'4315264
Oher, MichaelT6'4315297
Remmers, MikeT6'5305263
Williams, DarylT6'6335220
Brockel, RichieTE6'1255295
Dickson, EdTE6'4255286
Olsen, GregTE6'5253309
Williams, BrandonTE6'4255273
Cotchery, JerrichoWR6'12053312
Funchess, DevinWR6'4225210
Ginn, Jr., TedWR5'11185309
Norwood, KevinWR6'2200252

Remaining Cuts:

Brown, CoreyWR5'11185232
Byndom, CarringtonCB6'0180231
Folkerts, BrianC6'4310253
McCray, JordanG6'3320231
Trusnik, JasonLB6'4250319
Wallace, MartinT6'6330252
Young, LouCB6'1205231
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#Panthers are planning to release RB Jordan Todman. That’s a surprise after his strong camp and preseason. Whittaker and/or Ginn KRs?

Again, I would've liked Todman but as predicted, the staff went with their guy.  Disappointing, because Todman had more speed to burn than any other back we have, but all of them were good.  Oh well... 

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I asked earlier but nobody responded.

Was Todman one of the "free agent, compensatory pick" casualties?

I think he might have been, along with Trusnik, but I'm definitely not an expert in the comp pick calculations, just going by what I've read over the past few months.

Let me see if I can find the thread where this was discussed.

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I think he might have been, along with Trusnik, but I'm definitely not an expert in the comp pick calculations, just going by what I've read over the past few months.

Let me see if I can find the thread where this was discussed.

If there was a tie with RB's then keeping one who could cost you a comp pick would not make sense.  That could be what broke the tie for Gman

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