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Along the Sidelines - Eagles at Panthers

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Good pictures.. as someone said a week or two ago.. put a damn "Next" button on your pages! If you don't know how, I will gladly assist!

Pretty sure that's purposefully not implemented to generate a few extra accidental page hits and ad clicks.  Considering this site is still free for those that want it to be, I don't have a problem with it.

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Sure looks like Ginn's ass is on the ground there.  Amazing how many times we got screwed last night (either by the refs or ourselves) and we still came out with the win.

I am kneeling on the ground taking that photo. The TV Camera is about 7 foot above me and wouldn't see it. 

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Exceptional work as always, appreciate it more than you know.


I do have to disagree about Cam making bad decisions, I didn't think any of the three picks were bad decisions. 

First was the habitual zebra screw job, if blame goes to a Panther it's Ginn.

Second was good, it was just a great play by Jenkins. Even Collinsworth admitted it was a good decision. 

Third was just lacking touch, BUT Funch did get 2 hands on it. 


Maybe one was questionable, the other 2 were fine. I thought he had a goof game overall and did a great job of playing with a short memory. 

I agree with you, he had a few off target, but he was throwing some nice passes too.

I think on the Funchess tipped pass, Cam just rushed the throw. But Funchess has to start making a play on the ball if it reaches his hands, even he will tell you that. I think he will continue to grow.

But it's  obviously not all Newton's fault for these tipped balls, blaming the speed of his throws for drops when Olsen hauls them in consistently is a little silly. These sort of things are unfortunately going to happen sometimes when you have to rely on Ginn as your #1 WR.

That Ginn interception should have actually been a reception anyway, as you can see in the image above from Jeremy.

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