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Artistic Expressionism and the Death of the Colts


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3 hours ago, PhillyB said:

These original oil-on-canvas works of art are available for purchase together as a collection. Bidding starts at $400 for the two of them. Art is an appreciating commodity, and when I win the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for literature this will be worth many times such a paltry investment.

You may submit your bids in conjunction with any excessive adulation below. :-)

i bet you can stick Alice for 4G's a piece. nice work

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3 hours ago, KB_fan said:

Attention @Jeremy Igo:

You need to change the pie rules.  We need to be able to pie this post about 10 times each.  Thanks!


Amazingly in spite of Pepsi ad saturation, until now I hadn't really thought about the obvious Luke / Luck wordplay after Luke's interception that basically helped seal the Colts' fate.  How awesome that it was our Lucky Luke who caused Luck to luck out.   Love the picture of 12 & 59 together.  AWESOME.

I guess you could say, "Luck was out of 'luke.'"

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2 hours ago, PntherPryd said:

I would like to hang this on my virtual wall so pieing strenuously.

I just hope the vacuum of no packer thread is not filled by a propagandamachine thread.  My IQ level can only take so many hits.


Propagandamachine threads require an acquired taste. I don't think IQs necessarily have to take a hit from reading them, but that they must be looked at like cards in a Rorshach test. In that sense, some of them are quite fascinating and perhaps can teach you a little about him, yourself, and other Huddlers.

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