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  1. TD in his prime? Nah can't cosign that. But he is definitely playing the best he ever has. Before this year he wasn't even in the same state as TD in his prime. Now he is in the same city.. might be same neighborhood if it keeps up. But for a year or 2 after the 3rd knee surgery.. TD was one of the baddest #$#$$# on the planet.
  2. DIVISION GAMES... never count division games.
  3. I just got done arguing with a Falcon fan. He was like I bet the Panthers are regretting picking D.J.Moore over Ridley. I was like.. um nope.. I think Moore is better. We brought up both the stats.. and they were very close. Moore has 2 1K recieving years more total yards , Ridley had a breakout season last year and has scored more TD. Then I was like while even though Matt Ryan sucks he has been at the top percentage of QB's over the years. DJ has had the ghost of Cam Newton's shoulder, Heinike, PJ Walker, Teddy 2 gloves ...etc. We asked another person and he was like I would take Ridley because he was waaayyy better. We did the stats thing again, and he was like.. " um I didn't realize it was that close". I think as we play better the DJ Moore respect will grow.
  4. When Jameis Winston is on.. he is a top level QB. It's just the moments that the spirit of Jake Delhomme enters his body that you are like...WTF are you doing? If the Saints have cured him..then they will be dangerous.
  5. That kicker shouldn't even take off his uniform.. just go straight home. I'm sure they will fire him over text message.
  6. They are trying to set him up for success early. Lets be honest.. he is teetering on the edge of being a bust. So if he comes to Carolina where he has none of the excuses he had with the Jets..(better organization, better weapons, arguably better coach, offensive coordinator, weather..etc..) and he sh$%ts the bed, then he is probably never gonna recover. But if he starts of decent to good (Hoping for great), then all the talent etc.. may just shine and we are set. Why would Rhule take the chance of fugging him up early?
  7. If he has PTSD from the Jets O-line, then maybe. Seems like they are trying to ease him in. I have no idea if it's gonna work, but at least it's a plan.
  8. Nope.. not because he doesn't deserve to. It's about the media and their "criteria". If they docked T.0. they are gonna dock Smitty (teammate fight)/small market. Now, maybe that he's in the media there may be some more support than before, but I don't think so.
  9. After that Cam incident.. he was dead to me already. This makes me chuckle .
  10. Technically that's not a mini van.. but I get your point
  11. Historically the more doubters and haters Cam has, the better he seems to play tbh. Actually having a team with actual weapons, I expect a much different result than last year. I hope he plays well but I need us to win.
  12. I remember that... No way it would be that bad... ..... ok.. maybe you are right.
  13. Me too.. I just can't put my finger on why. He just seems so ...so... As a person he seems like a good dude. Does a lot of charity work. good family man etc.. But I don't like him... that about it.
  14. And we continued to do that was because the only receivers who could beat press were slow as molasses. Oh and sometimes Philly Brown. What else were we going to do, run spread with Bersin? With Remmers at LT and no Kalil making line calls?
  15. Am I the only one who didn't think Williams played that great at RT? I will go back and look, but I don't recall him looking that good to feel comfortable with him without seeing if he improved over the Summer. Then again, I may have blanked out parts of last year in my memory. My brain tries to protect me from traumatic experiences.
  16. Yeah , not utilizing the lighting quick Kelvin Benjamin and the cat quick Funchess against the 8 man cover 3 fronts........ stupid Shula!!!!!
  17. That would be bad... but all we need at tackle is average. I think with the CMC and Samuel, we will be able to actually complete some "quick" passes thus putting less pressure on the tackles. Also what kind of shape is Cam in as far as speed/conditioning coming off surgery. So record would depend on tackle level if we can get a 5... (Remmers level) we should be fine. 1- Byron Bell 10 Kalil in 2003. Worse case 7-9. Best case 11-5.
  18. ARTICLE 8. INITIATING CONTACT WITH THE CROWN OF THE HELMET. It is a foul if a runner or tackler initiates forcible contact by delivering a blow with the top/crown of his helmet against an opponent when both players are clearly outside the tackle box (an area extending from tackle to tackle and from three yards beyond the line of scrimmage to the offensive team’s end line). Of course it's slow motion but that looks like the crown to me.
  19. Ugghhh.. I'm having flashbacks to that Jake Delhomme arizona game. Houston has to address the QB position.
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