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Cam Newton reported for theft


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Also the "my father's a vet and you ruined his day" is like one of the biggest ad hoc bullshit appeals  for sympathy I've seen, but I guess it's par for the course for someone who wants to report someone for petty theft. You snuck a banner that wasn't even allowed in the stadium representing the opposing team. You threw poo in the home team's face. Expect that you're going to get your little sign ripped apart. Whether or not your father is a vet has nothing to do with the message you were trying to send in the first place.

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2 minutes ago, Hoenheim said:

shes running with this i swear .. something as simple as a player taking down an opposing team banner gets blown up to high hell for what reason? Just leave it be.

She's absolutely trying to get national media attention. She's been tweeting to the NFL's Jeff Darlington, before she put her Twitter to private she followed a bunch of media outlets (including the Ellen Show), and is posting on the Packers' FB page. 

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