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Cam Newton is Darrell Waltrip; and, Six Things to Do to the Falcons

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I was a lot more NASCAR than football at that point.  Never huge on DW.  But, once I had my NASCAR license, there was a deal at Hickory where the big man was signing autographs, I was still young so I was kinda into it, and they stuffed him in the ticket box (I also met a younger, still playing John Settle there, which was somewhat interesting for the two years he was actually around), which was up on a hill on the front stretch.  

Well you still gotta get out of there, and people crowded him, and he started to fall but my dad caught him. 

Race day, DW invited me to his hauler, and I had a couple gatorades with the ol' man before the race that year.  Given the date on my NASCAR license and the time of Neil Bonnett's death, that was 1993.   He was a hell of a guy, and being a famous stranger my dad's age, I didn't have a ton to say.   He was also, in retrospect, about done, another guy content to just ride and make millions, which honestly I can't blame, but it's an odd analogy.  

That guy, in 93, had been around 20 years in that sport.   You can't just mail in a top 20 in football, though.  And fan favorite DW, versus rough, fighting, championship DW, had a lot more miles on him.   

They have interesting, potentially polarizing personalities that grow on you, both he and Cam.  But fan favorites don't win championships.  Championship winners are polarizing to the people that don't love them.  They're the ones who, when they drive by, idiot redneck drunkards throw up birds at them and throw their chicken wings at.  

That's what we see with Cam.  Someone so d'amn good it pisses off other fans they're jealous they don't have him, because they know it's him that will take down their guy every week.  If you don't want to say that's the Earnhardt of that era, Waltrip himself was the baddy of the decade before it.

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I enjoy your weekly post but as a kid who grew up in the infield  of Nascar races in the 80's and early 90's this one was my favorite. ..


My dad hated Waltrip after he win a race he stayed in his trailer refusing to come out and sign for the kids when all the other driver's did.

My dad still doesn't like Waltrip but i do.


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