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"They have never been able to replace me... until today."


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We still need to see more production on consistent level. One catch is not enough in a game, even if it’s a 50+ yarder. They got the ball in his hands on a jet sweep, and that’s not a bad way to use him either.

So he’s definitely not at 89’s level. That play did feel a lot like X-clown. 

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It was the sudden-ness of that play that made it feel like X-Clown.  Just over so fast that the defense didn't have time to digest what happened.

What was better to me was how that play lit the team up.  You could see it right then.

If the team turns around this season, you can point to that play and then the drive after half where our season turned around.

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28 minutes ago, kaw_liga said:

It helps to have balls thrown your way, and ones you can catch, and a bigger sample size before comparing.

Are you saying balls like the one during the Rams game where he caught it then fumbled after thirty yards, or the Skins game last year where he did the same?  A lot of veteran QBs won't even throw to players that have struggled like DJ with fumbling issues and drops.  He is earning back trust from his QB and teammates every snap.  He has had plenty of passes thrown his way that he could catch.  Quit using positive stuff to take shots at our franchise, former MVP QB.  

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