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In other news...

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If you're Bienemy, I don't see how you even consider the Texans.  Yes, they have Watson.  But lack of picks, lack of cap space, and point blank...they didn't want you the first go round?  Nope. 

Clear sign they're trying to repair things with Watson and I hope he sees through the BS, too. 

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Wait.......Ron admitted making a mistake? We sure this isn't fake news?

Missed opportunities.

I don't think anyone expected Haskins to suck so bad. Giving your previous years first round pick the benefit of the doubt isn't a bad idea until you realize just how bad he really is.

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41 minutes ago, MasterAwesome said:

I mean...they were a playoff team this year with the same (arguably worse, with Haskins starting several games). I think that’s more a testament to how bad their division is.

True, but 5 out of their 7 wins came with Alex Smith as the starter.

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22 minutes ago, djp14 said:

True, but 5 out of their 7 wins came with Alex Smith as the starter.

I think that's actually a promising fact for them though.  Haskins lost 5 of his 6 starts, you've gotta imagine they could've swung a few of those if they played Allen or Heinicke, our game included.  I don't think Alex Smith showed anything special that can't be replicated by Heinicke or Allen, especially if they get the Heinicke that showed up in the playoffs.

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17 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Breer previously mentioned the possibility that Ryan Cowden could get the Washington GM job with Marty Hurney coming on in some other sort of personnel role.

Hurney to come in as the guy that gives Cowden and the WFT the worst possible advice, and then when things don't work out for Cowden he can step in as "interim" GM.

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