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Charlotte FC Seat Selection has begun

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2 hours ago, S_Walkerman said:

I am very glad that I can get to this event, I have not had fun for a long time and this will be a good opportunity to distract myself from work and chores around the house. You don't know if there will be souvenirs like T-shirts or items with team symbols. I just have a small collection and I want to continue to replenish it, I recently bought a few T-shirts saving money. I saved money using the method I read about in the blog Best Cheap soccer Jersey websites and I want to spend the remaining money on small things from this event. Just when you buy something like this, then it's nice to remember the moments that have already passed and will not happen again.

i see what you did there realization GIF



Spammer be spamming.

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On 2/19/2021 at 7:37 PM, Ja Rhule said:

Lots of people are not buying PSLs due to pricing apparently.

Pop Tv GIF by Schitt's Creek

If I was in the Charlotte area, I'd consider it, but that's a little too rich for my blood when including trips from Charleston.

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1 hour ago, Icege said:

Pop Tv GIF by Schitt's Creek

If I was in the Charlotte area, I'd consider it, but that's a little too rich for my blood when including trips from Charleston.

I need to decide if it’s worth it.  My job might prevent me from attending most games.  

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    • Panthers well represented in Turks and Caicos!!!! 
    • I don't really see it with Philly. For one, I think that at least one of Waddle or Smith is available to them at 12. If they're both there at 8, who's taking one between 9 and 12? Maybe NYG. Supposedly they love Smith. I can't see Denver or Dallas taking one, so it would have to be a trade up. It is hard for me to imagine a big trade up the board with so many WRs grouped in that late 1st-early 2nd range. And if Philly is trading up with Carolina, they're probably not giving up more than a 3rd to do it. Is that really even worth it if you're Carolina?  I can definitely see New England and especially Washington if they like a QB. They'll want to jump to get ahead of Denver. Supposedly Washington loves Lance, and Rivera hasn't exactly denied it. I think it's extremely realistic that WFT would make a big offer to Carolina there. I am skeptical about BB paying the price to trade up, but maybe he's 100% sold on Fields. With WFT, the relationship between Hurney and Rhule will be there to hammer out a deal quickly if both sides want it to happen. Wouldn't be surprising if ultimately the two sides have already the framework of a potential deal frankly. 
    • 6-million guaranteed on a 8-mill deal for one year in 2021 with 4 voided years on the back end for the 6-mill, 2-mill in salary for 2021. I think that would be a great contract for him.
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