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Weatherly and Palardy ALSO being released today!


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6 minutes ago, Soul Rebel said:

Agreed. I think Curtis was always going to be a luxury re-signing with Robby and DJ here. I believe the trenches are more important than a WR3, especially with CMC here. 

Flip side to the coin is that Robby and DJ are FAs in '22. Samuel could ensure that we have depth at that position if we part ways with either or both. 

Moton is the key to our offseason. Everything after him is gravy. I do think we can find a cheaper WR than Samuel in FA.....it is a loaded position group. We wait it out a bit and we can snag someone for sure.

I had not considered that, and that is a very valid point.  I wish we did not still have so much dead cap money this year....we might have been able to pull that off if not for all the dead cap.

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Next will be a few cuts to smoke screen the drafting process a bit more.

We're spending a lot of time talking about the necessity of re-signing Moton (which I am in total agreement with) but bookending that one is the Russell Okung question -- he's a free agent now. He wants to be the player's union president, so he has to be on an active roster for the upcoming season. Will we re-sign him and would he be willing to do so at a massive discount? If not, taking an LT at 8 and paying the cheaper rookie rate might be where we end up having to go.

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4 hours ago, TriggaPlease89 said:

8m plus 3.5m with 24m already available giving us 35.5 to work with just changed a lot. With the 3.5 coming after free agency that’s most likely going to cover rookies and I feel we might be cutting Paradis also but closer to the draft contingent on who we can draft. I feel we are freeing up money to ensure we have Moton this year. The rest of the money confuses me unless we are planning to resign Samuel or extend DJ, there have been reports of no big splashes in free agency. Which only mean we could be signing a bunch of quality mid to low tier players to fill out the roster. Or like most of the degenerates want preparing for the likes of Deshaun Watson. When I honestly hope it’s Dak Prescott we are trying to sign. 

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