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The Panthers now #7 most cap space in the NFL

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5 hours ago, Second_Solution said:

How does it work for the team's over the cap? Do they have a specified time to get back in the black?


Also it's amazing to see the Panthers with a good cap position. Feels like a long time since we've seen that

I’d like to see the Saints say screw it and try and play while over the cap. What are they gonna do? Cancel their games? Make them forfeit?

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28 minutes ago, joemac said:

I’d like to see the Saints say screw it and try and play while over the cap. What are they gonna do? Cancel their games? Make them forfeit?

They could get fined up to $5m for each violation, the league itself could choose to cancel contracts, and they could lose draft picks.  And Saints wouldn't be able to anything about it.

Not sure about when it has to happen though.  Maybe 7 days after the start of the new league year?

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34 minutes ago, Mister said:

i dont remember ever seeing us with this so much money in free agency , its going to be the christmas we all been waiting for , we now shop at sephora no more dollar store 

I would rather pocket most of that money and roll it over a year from now when the team has fewer holes to fill and can specifically target a position or two of need in FA.  We have so many holes now, we could use every bit of that cap space during FA and still not have every position shored up.

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I think it's just part of the life cycle of a team. You build it with the main pieces, then try to keep patching to it with draft picks and FA signings and extensions to make it last. Before last season we'd been throwing everything we had at the team to keep the Cam & Luke era going. It ended and now we rinse and repeat. It's why the Saints are in such dire straits. You can even draft well and still find yourself in this position. The Rams are doing it now too. Very rarely are you successfully maintaining a great cap number and competing for Super Bowls year in year out. The Seahawks hit the same wall with the legion of boom and they chose to let them go. The Pats failures in the draft finally caught up with them and not having a transcendent QB like Brady finally showed the cost.

We don't have to look at this positively or negatively, it's just where we are in the life cycle and now we start anew with hopefully a stud QB, some good offensive pieces, and a budding defense.

If we can get our QB this offseason, the real key is just finding O-linemen either via draft or FA. I think we have the core of the defense in place with Burns, Chinn, and Brown. Let them grow while adding some complementary pieces. For offense we just retain DJ and Robby, have CMC or Mike Davis, and grab a TE somewhere or a third WR. We're not in a bad spot.

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