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Peter King on Panthers and Deshaun Watson


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12 minutes ago, Jay Roosevelt said:

I'd go McCaffrey, 1st rounders in 2021, 2022, and 2023 and Donte Jackson as my opening offer. I'd rather not mess with our WRs. 

That scenario really worries me. Three years in a row w/out a player in the top 32 is bad for a team with as many holes as Carolina. Donte was our only CB last year to get an INT...SERIOUSLY. Look it up if you don'ty believe me. And, give up our best all around weapon on offense. Easy pass.

PS- I think Robbie is a great additon to the team, but WR is probably the easiest skill position to replace in the draft. With Tepper's Pittsburgh connections, he needs to put a spy in the Steeler front office and find out which mid round receiver they like...then pick him 🙂.  Let's be honest, Pittsburgh finds solid (and replace solid), recievers as easy as we replace out toothbrushes, 

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8 minutes ago, SizzleBuzz said:


1. Texans contract w/ DW is ironclad, he's locked up thru 2025.

2. There is no scenario where Texans are better off without DW vs. with him.

3. Texans have no obligation to trade DW.

4. Texans won't trade DW.

5. DW does not have the stones to walk from $146,540,000.

The End.

1 - true

2 - not determined 

3 - true

4 - maybe, maybe not

5 - probably not

Stay tuned, the ending is to be determined. How far will Deshaun take it is the question?

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