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Expectations for Vernon Carey, Jr. in the 2nd Half of the Season

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Big Vern is tearing up the G-League, which ends this weekend.  The 20-year-old is now averaging 17.4 points and 9.3 rebounds over 26.5 minutes per game this season.  Arguably one of if not the best players in the G League this year, and definitely the best Center, which is obviously the Hornets most glaring need.

How quickly does JB bring him into the rotation?  Bismack is tough to watch at this point (with almost no offense and subpar defense at this point), and you can almost bank on Cody not being available for about 1/3 of your games. 

I'm hoping Big Vern gets playing time as soon as next Thursday against the Pistons.  Even if he is not as good defensively to start out, he will instantly be a boost on the offensive end.

I want to see the Hornets in the playoffs, but Borrego needs to see what both Vernon Carey and Nick Richards can bring over the 2nd Half in terms of how to address the Center position and/or add frontcourt depth.  Both Bismack and Cody are free agents after the season, and it seems unlikely either will be back.

The Hornets are incredibly fun to watch, but we are a dominant center away from being able to compete against the Big 3 in the East (Nets, Sixers, Bucks).  

I'm sure this is what is driving interest in Nikola Vucevic (obviously the Celtics are thinking the same thing).

I personally would rather see the Hornets continue to develop the core this year without giving up assets (everything in the East up to the 4 Seed which would ensure a home playoff game is still obtainable), but Center is the question going forward.

If Big Vern could become a starter-quality center or more, this draft would be an all-time NBA great along with Lamelo.

I'm excited to see what the Hornets do over the 2nd Half.  Mitch Kupchak already should be considered a favorite for GM of the year for Lamelo, and it Big Vern starts to contribute, he should be a lock.

It has been a long, long time since I have been this excited as a Hornets fan.  If we can solve the Center question, the Hornets can truly become a force in the East for the first time in almost 30 years.

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I was hoping with all the talk surrounding him trimming down to more of his high school size which made him one of the top prospects in the country, that we would take more of a look at him as a PF. But honestly, wherever he will be the best player he can be.

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I think we probably should temper expectations for Carey and Richards to make an immediate impact the second half of the season. Both guys are already at a disadvantage not having summer league, a full training camp and constant G League access. The bubble has been huge for them, but given the lack of practice time going forward and general game experience in the NBA, I don't see either supplanting Biz in the rotation. Both should be featured way more next season.

The only path towards eliminating Biz's minutes is by trading for a backup center at the deadline. There are some guys out there that I think could be good and could be had by trading someone like Devonte. We'll see.

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