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Post your Sam Darnold reactionary mocks

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From PFN:



Kyle Pitts

TE Florida


Terrace Marshall Jr.



Jackson Carman

OT Clemson


Brady Christensen



Marvin Wilson

DT Florida State


Trevon Grimes

WR Florida


Israel Mukuamu

S South Carolina


1st, no FB on the field: if you go big, Donald comes in with Pitts.

No where near realistic, but hey if they have a crap board sort and let me get load up at the end of the draft (last 4 picks all will be gone well before I got them), I'm gonna do it. 

Honestly, if we can nab Pitts and a Robby replacement, it sets up Sam/ or the next qb well (Moore, CMC, Pitts, and 1 more good wr is a QB dream). Pitts, Donald and CMC for short yardage plays? Pick your mismatch: play for a pass and let CMC eat you up or play run and let the TE boys eat you up.


Honestly Marshall is a draft crush of mine and was by far the best value on the board regardless of fit IMO. I think OT or falling DB could be the target if Pitts is the pick at 8. It fell in this mock that no great OT left, a good G (but I knew that I could grab good G or 2 later) and I went WR over CB which I get is debatable. It's a lot for the 4th option in 2021, but as a redzone threat in 2022 (to pair with Pitts and A Donald inside the 5) and 3rd guy in 2022 (hell of #3 after Moore and Pitts), I went this route.

I like Carman overall think he is solid as a RT prospect and wouldn't be shocked to see him long gone in rnd 2. Now Christensen could be gone in 2 or there in the 3rd (deep OT pool this year), but a no brainer in rnd 4. I could see him at RT or LG here in this mock with Carman on board. Would have to figure out Carman/Christensen out a little. Overall like these 2 guys and give depth in 2021 and they have a clear path to play in 2022.

One moment for a prospect that is undervalued: Mukuamu. College CB by need, NFL safety is his home IMO. Was good for 2 years, and didn't make the jump like Horn this year and played in his shadow. Banged up in 2020 and a true junior i believe. Still a really good mix of tape and measurible. Tall long and good athlete with a knack for the ball. He isn't a burner like Horn but more than enough for his size and as a zone CB or FS. I see Javon Holland well within most folks top 100, and imo Mukuamu should be right there after him due to his blend of hand, size, and speed. More top 100-150 not 200+ as some places have him. Both guys fit a hybrid CB/FS roll.  He's not one you ask to go shadow moore or hill ( that's what Holland brings) but he would go up against the big bodied slot and outside guys or TE (not what I would want Holland doing).

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Chargers offered picks 13 and 47 for pick 8....I accepted

I offered the Packers pick 47 for picks 62, 92, and 214....they accepted

Vikings offered me picks 119 and 143 for pick 113...I accepted







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