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Jeremy Chinn switched to LB?

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8 hours ago, Rags said:

None of what you said is even remotely accurate.

Chinn was always going to be our "buffalo nickel", like Adams or Simmons, a Will LB/S hybrid. 

That is nothing like ET (single high saftey) or Ed Reed (Luke but as a Safteys) playstyle and only the blindest of homers would think that.

Chinn played a lot more at linebacker because we didn't have three linebackers who were decent. Buffalo nickel which was first used as McDermott coined it to use a coverage linebacker in the nickel but it wasn't a full time position but only situational. And that was based on a 4-3 scheme which we mixed in with a lot of 3-5-3 last year.  We got rid of Boston because we plan to move him back to his normal position which is safety. And yes we did play cover 1 roughly 20% of the time. My understanding was we would have done it more but our secondary wasn't very good and we didn't have many who could play man. I expect we will run more of it this year.  So yes Chinn could assume more of an ED Reed type free safety position as his coverage skills improve and we play more single high safety to help with the pass rush.

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6 hours ago, MilkyCastles said:

Yea he gave up like a 120 passer rating when targeted last year. This dudes a stud, but is absolutely nothing like those guys. Jamal Adams? Yes, Ed Reed, no way. 

That was largely due to a  crappy scheme with no pressure. Which defensive back looked good for us? 

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Wouldn't it be funny if there was 3 pages of discussion and hand wringing about this and it turned out somebody selected the wrong checkbox when they were loading the roster on the web site.

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