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Stanley Cup Playoffs: Carolina Hurricanes Game Thread

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Since there has been playoff threads for the Canes the past few years up here and football news is on a lull...

Central Division Champion Carolina Hurricanes playing fourth seed but red hot Nashville Predators. Canes could be down their top true defense but are otherwise most healthy. Expect a physical and chippy game from Nashville to start the series. Canes will most likely be starting our rookie goaltender, Alex Nedeljkovic, you may know from the Checkers. Both teams have had a week off due to COVID-19 scheduling and will be fresh. More info can be found in the articles linked in the thread below. Suffice to say the Canes are the strongest team they've been since they won the Cup 15 years ago.

With the addition of nearly triple the usual fans this season up to nearly 65% capacity tonight should be a rocking game and series.

Puck drop in about an hour(CNBC or Bally Sports South on cable).

Take Warning. Lets go get the Cup Canes!

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5 minutes ago, Harbingers said:

Gardiner and Bean Skating in the opening shot. Looks like no Slavin. Ugh. 

Cancel that reports are he is on the ice, Rod playing 4D chess there. 

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3 minutes ago, Harbingers said:

Cancel that reports are he is on the ice, Rod playing 4D chess there. 

I saw him on the ice too, my guess is if he felt fine from it he goes.... 

@Stumpy I'm glad you were right about Ned! I the effect he has on our offense can't be understated either.

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Nashville, Music City, home of the Predators.

What a shithole!

Halfway between Dollywood and Rib Country, we have the city where everyone dresses like Toby Keith vomited his wardrobe across an entire region. Fake ass hillbillies all think they are the next Taylor Swift. The home of country music that wouldn't know country if it slapped them with a catfish.

It is such a boring art town they couldn't even think of a specific scary animal to name their team after, just some random predator.

Juicy and the boys might be riding high after beating our taxi squad when we had nothing to play for. But, they are about to experience a storm surge their inland asses will never recover from. Hope yall stocked up on extra lives.

1615533815 (2).png

And if they think they are gonna bring that Tennessee ass hockey team down to the City of Oaks and leave happy, they might be dumber than I thought. Stuffing a live catfish down your pants dumb. That is the type of asinine poo a Hollywood writer would come up with to cosplay as Appalachian.

Try as you might Nashville,


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