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This 4-1 record isn’t similar to the Panthers 3-0 start. The Hornets have beat the Nets led by Durant and Harden, a Pacers team that is better than their record and the Cavs who have already beat the Hawks and Clippers. We should be 5-0 right now if JB didn’t use a stupid time out that sent us into OT vs the Celtics. 

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18 minutes ago, Shocker said:

Kup has done a masterful job building this team. Just need to keep them together.  

This is the best team we have seen in Charlotte since the rebirth. Miles is balling out of his mind. Melo and Gordon are playing really well. Oubre was such an underrated signing.  Plumlee is night and day better than Cody Zeller except from the FT line. And we haven’t seen much at all from Terry and PJ. Our top two rookies haven’t sniff the court. 

I love having a GM/HC/Owner that has knowledge of the game instead of trying to use this “analytics” crap. This is the difference between Rich Cho and Kup. The difference between the Hornets and Panthers. 

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    • It could also be the read order of the play. Zylstra was open-ish and there may have been hesitation because of how tight the window would be, then the decision to take off. You don't usually skip your first read if that is open. Really, really hard to say what happened here though, and why the ball didn't go out. He had 3 guys open at different points. Did he look to Ian first? I can't tell if he ever looked that far. If so, he didn't give the play enough time to develop, because he was the most open target of the 3 open receivers. Moore was also open and could have been thrown open even more, but Moore was likely the last read and he never got that far.
    • The Peach Bowl doesn't have a bowl tie in.  There is a rule that the highest ranked of the non power five teams has to get a spot in either the Fiesta, or the Peach if they don't get into the playoff.   And the teams are placed by the playoff committee.  So they could have the ACC champ.    https://www.collegefootballpoll.com/bowl-schedule/2021/
    • Thanks for the reply  I will try and paraphrase again  I do not feel I worded it properly  so I restate below below or you can listen to the last 15 seconds of the video  What the narrator said was .’ Cams eyes were in the middle of the field too much, not even seeing the outside receivers (sic) ‘  He said it could be just not being comfortable in the new offense could be the issues. but he had to fix the tendency or opposing teams would be sitting on those routes  Time will tell on Cam’s shoulder. I love him so I’ll take him at whatever percentage he is 
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