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Brian Burns has more sacks than any other player in NFL history under 25 years old


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Just now, PappyMay said:

Its Haynes.  He didnt even get touched the 2nd sack because the tackle looked inside to help with Brown and he was off the ball too fast for the RB to do anything about it. Literally any speed rusher would have got that sack.

Then why didn't Burns? Burns lined up next to Brown on several occasions and it didn't help him. They moved Burns from one sde to the other and it didn't matter. You guys are so desperate its funny. 

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7 minutes ago, panthers55 said:

Injuries count as far as production. If you can't stay on the field you don't get credit for only when you played. If Burns stays healthy and Bosa doesn't then Burns is better because he can play every game. Sacks aren't the only way to.measure production. Being out there every game is a big part of things as well.

Yeah I agree which is why I followed up with my last post about durability being a point in Burns' favor.  But clearly the guy I was responding to was not going the "injury/durability" route; it was never mentioned once in any of his posts.  It was meant to be a 1:1 comparison of Bosa and Burns having the same production over the same time period ergo are similar in ability.

Imagine someone making the case that Christian McCaffrey and Myles Gaskin are the same caliber player because their rushing and receiving stats are roughly equivalent over the last 3 seasons.  And someone points out that Christian McCaffrey has barely even played over the last 3 seasons because of injury and then that person responds "yeah well durability is a part of it".  Like okay sure lol.

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30 minutes ago, Mage said:

Lol when did Brian Burns become so hated on this forum?

No team trades a 24 year old pass rusher with 32.5 sacks in 3 1/2 seasons for picks they won't even get to use until 2024.  

No offense but ya'll need to use your common sense.  There is a reason the Rams were willing to give up 2 1sts in the first place: because he's worth it.  

They were willing to give up 2 firsts and a 2nd for a couple of reasons. 

1. They need to win now. Staffords elbow is on borrowed time and Donald is contemplating retirement. Kupp is MVP caliber and their best opportunity is now. 

2. Burns is talented, but if McVay thinks he is the missing piece for a 3 year championship run, those picks are late 1st vs early 1st and have much different value. If he's wrong and they become top 10 picks, it's a much different scenario and McVay could be moving on. 

It's a gamble either way. Fitts doesn't have the luxury of gambling right now and that's because of Tepper. He botched this whole GM/coach hiring and firing process. Fitts is under tremendous pressure not to screw up further the already screwed up situation keeping Rhule an extra 5 games caused. 

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12 minutes ago, Jon Snow said:

No it didn't.  Hanes sacks had more of an impact.  Go back and watch the game. 

Haynes got 2 sacks in desperation garbage time. Maybe go back and watch the game  4th and long in your own end is desperation time.

And, please, would y'all go look up "generational". It doesn't mean what y'all think it means.

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