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MNF: Chiefs and Eagles

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50 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

I'd be nervous right now if I'm KC. It feels like they're dominating this game far more than the 17-7 score reflects. Seems like failing to translate on field domination to the scoreboard ends up biting you in the ass by the end of the game a lot of times.

Oh looky there... 

21-17 Eagles now

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and another drop lol. Chiefs really blowing their elite D by not giving Mahomes a single weapon. They definitely should've traded for a WR at the deadline, plenty of futures they could've traded. Also Kelce has not been the same player this year, whether that's because of his girlfriend or injuries piling up, idk, but definitely a concern for the Chiefs. Would be much less of one if they didn't have WRs as bad as ours.

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Just now, LinvilleGorge said:

26 drops from KC this year? Oh wee mayne.

This is a situation where you can see the QB is being let down by his receivers. Mahomes hasn't been quite as bulletproof this season but man, the receivers are absolutely killing them. 

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    • My plausible take: Hey Frank, Dave here. We want a clean start to our team. New staff. New receivers. New QB. I want you to head it up. Come home, we’re building something great. Money no object.    Frank: Tempting. Always wanted something like this. Stroud looks like a stud, everything I want in a QB.    Dave: I love it Frank. Sounds great. Here’s a contract. Here’s your sign on bonus.    and with the first selection…  Bryce Young.    Frank: F you.  I want out. I quit. You lied to me. Dave: Um, ok. I’m going to need the GROSS sign on bonus back please, and you’ll forfeit all owed salary for quitting without cause. Frank: but the .gov already took $X.XX million in taxes for the lump sum sign on bonus you just paid me. I Guess you’ll have to just fire me without cause because you’re not screwing me over, making me pay you $X.XX million of my own money, when you screwed me out of your promise. Dave: If I fire you without cause, I’ll owe you the entire contract. If you quit without cause, I owe you nothing and you owe me your sign on bonus that I already gave you.    Panther fans are then treated to 10 weeks of Frank/Dave stalemate, ass quality football putting the safety of the nice guy little dude we put under center, in hope of getting fired. Dave breaks before Frank breaks his QB. How many games did we have to see Bryce get smoked with Ickey watching from his front row seat. Over and over again. I guess I now know why Ickey never got any help. This last Sunday, when all we had to do was get in the locker room at half with a couple runs, the SOB dials up passing plays. Punt. FG right at half.    It was at that moment that I KNEW he was trying to get fired. it was just obvious then.  Screw Reich. You did this on purpose. I’m sure your contract had language to the effect of repayment of bonus if you quit without cause, but this will never go reported. You could have at least tried but it was obvious that you never did, Frank.   Bryce wasn’t my guy but he didn’t deserve that. I actually like the guy. I wonder what Frank has said to Bryce behind closed doors. Bryce has got to be the happiest one of all in all of this. I’m genuinely curious to see how he responds to this. I’d LOVE to be proven wrong. Bryce, if you can show me some fire and take this team on a 3 game win streak, I will buy a stitched jersey with your name on it and rock it proudly.    Dave, I love the Panthers. Please let this clown show end. 
    • At this point, we could put a traffic cone out there for Zavala and get better results. At least the defender might trip over the cone
    • Just ranking the QB's on who I'd want, compensation aside, it was Richardson, Stroud, Levis, Young. Once we made the trade though, it had to be Stroud or Young because Richardson and Levis were much riskier picks, just higher upside, and you can't take that swing up to #1 to take the risk on either of them. But once I watched more of each of the two, for me it was Stroud without question, solely on that Bryce showed no physical traits that could be even considered above average, let alone elite.  Sure, his brain may be next level (which it doesn't appear to be on the field so far), but you can coach up that side of things, elite physical traits are something you either have or don't, the other guys did, Bryce doesn't.
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