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Jon Beason Interview on 5/10. Worth a Listen! (Summary Included)

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For Beason to be as vocal a supporter of Luke as he's been shows what kind of person and player he is. That's rare in today's... hell, these days period. To essentially lose your job to someone and then emerge as one of their most vocal supporters takes a ton of class.

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Man, how quickly fans forget... Beason was everyone's favorite leader until the achilles injury, now it seems popular for everyone to write him off and want to release or trade him. I'm still believing in Beast, and hope he retires a Panther. As was said above, it shows what kind of guy he is with how he has handled the situation with Luke. Also, did people forget that despite being one of the youngest players on the team that he was the guy that pulled Smitty off of Lucas a couple years ago? And his production/heart on the field prior to the injuries, as well as his work ethic??? I really hope he pulls off a TD and proves everyone wrong. This is gonna be a sick defense.

As an aside, I was surprised that he specifically mentioned that he had a micro fracture injury/procedure... That's the first I have heard of it, and that's troubling as it has ended many a player's career in basketball, which is obviously a lot less violent. That being said, I know Beast will prove everyone wrong. Can't wait for this season!!!

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Beason is class.  I met him once and he was very impressive as a human being and a leader.  He made me want to suit up. Beason is a person who is going to get the most out of his teammates.  I hope he restructures his contract because he is going to be a pretty expensive OLB.


Love the words about Kuechly.   How hard was it to watch a rookie take your spot?  

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