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Fixing the Panthers Offense in 4 Easy Steps


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Well said Z,


 Shula need to stop listing to ESPN and their complaint that Cam was the highest rusher last season. Who gives a fug? When Cam played like Cam the offense found themselves ahead by double digits before the half of many games last season. This mature, pocket passer bs can suck all my nu_s! Cam played with no emotion yesterday. Forgive my language but I'm pissed.

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Good write up.



As far as Shula goes..   I don't know yet.     I know the Hawks have a great secondary and the fear of a pick 6 may have led to Shula's conservative playcalling. 


The Bills secondary isn't nearly as good as the Seahawks.    If the playcalling remains the same,  then,  I'll be right there with you on the "Shula Sucks" bandwagon. 


I've my fingers crossed that they'll let Cam launch it a few times next week.    If they don't,  then to take that away from him,  is a major hit for the entire team. 

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Great points O'fearless Leader!  I am fully in agreement that if we don't attack, we don't unless the Cam, it's going to be a LONG, PAINFUL season.


Looking at the big, franchise picture, the Panthers must get some life back into the offense next week.  TDs sell tickets, jerseys, and improve the brand.  Great D is fine, but unless you can put some big offensive plays on Sportscenter (or whatever), you're not making money in the 21st century of NFL football.


If this continues, we will have a new coach in 2014.  Here's hoping it was just a below average game plan, and the coaches can get something together to put the Bills D on its heels.

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How did that work out for us.

It sucked, i am still mad, i just hope that was a  conscious pear down to play against the hawks strong point, and not our base offense for the future. i do feel that we could have won that game with that plan if we had not fumbled. the problem with playing it safe is if a turnover still happens on your safe plan you are screwed. I do think that if we had gotten the ball back we would have seen a different set of plays as we tried to win. Its all very much foxball. and im ok with it to some extent. just not to the point of handcuffing Cam. they need to find the balance. It will take them a few weeks to figure out just what works.  

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I liked what we did yesterday.  Execution let us down.  Newton had one bad pass to Olsen that could have been a big gain.  Olsen dropped another that could have been a big gain.  Then of course the fumble by Williams and punt where the ball hit Thomas and they recovered.


All in all, I believe our offense will open up, play faster, etc...but yesterday we had the perfect game plan.  Our defense is legit folks, and if DeAngelo doesnt fumble that ball, that Seahawks D was done for and we probably win that game and its different story today.


I just hope the team keeps the confidence.  This could be a special year.  Just gotta learn how to make the plays when it matters.

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