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Official Panthers - 49ers Gameday Thread

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    • My 1st cousin lives in Milwaukee and confirms that Giannis ascended to the throne and is now officially The King of Wisconsin. He also said a large % of folks there are souring on Whiny Aaron and his perpetual pity party...think he needs to grow up.
    • We've fostered dogs for local rescues for many years, and I served on the board of a well-respected and established SPCA organization in Virginia. Although it's very rewarding, it has just as much potential to be heart-breaking. Couple of important guidelines we established so as to prevent us from owning everything we've fostered: Establish a maximum amount of time you will keep the animal for the organization. This prevents the animal from getting too attached and prevents you from doing the same. 2 weeks is about tops for us.  Use whatever name for the animal is provided by the organization. If you name it, you've made an emotional investment and it'll be difficult to give him up. Do not be a foster and also be responsible for finding his new owners. You care for the animal and let the organization do the vetting of possible families. Most fosters come from bad situations. Make sure he can sleep where he's comfortable- watch him to see where he tends to lay down and nap more often. It may be in the corner of a room, it may be behind something or near a door if they've been physically abused. If he's house trained and you feel like a crate or cage isn't necessary, don't use one just because it's convenient for you.  Feed them healthy and feed them right. If they're emaciated, underweight or always seeming to be hungry, a little at a time a few times a day. Don't give them half a can and not expect them to get sick or develop diarrhea.  Make sure your spouse, sig other or whomever is with you on this is on the same page as you are. The foster needs consistency, needs communication and needs to express their unconditional love. More than one person spending time with the foster is better socialization, will bring them out of their shell quicker and will allow them to trust again quicker.
    • Kawann Short was released in February. That pic isn't from this off-season.
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