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Official Panthers - 49ers Playoff Gameday Thread


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Good morning my fellow Huddlers.  We bitch and moan all year long, the highs and lows, the draft, the long off-season, the training camp threads, the jokes, the e-fights, the trolls, the newbs, everything.  It's all about right now.  We've waited and now it's here.  Playoffs!


This is why we love this place and love this team.  You're all my extended family and I love each of you (no homo).


Let's get this and rejoice all night long - KEEP POUNDING M-F'ERS!!



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"  mount up men,,  ride to the sound of the cannon fire,,  there's a battle to be fought "


" Tulta munille!" (Fire at their balls!)  "


"San Francisco delenda est!" (  San Francisco must be destroyed!)  



"You don't know the power of the DARK SIDE "  (  Panthers wear BLACK,  '9ers will rue the day they came east to  C A R O L I N A )


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