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  2. Toppling Goliath King Sue. A fuging classic.
  3. Part of that is the distributor is a little pricey for those guys. Bad part about the three tier system for pricey NEIPA's. Brewery price was probably around $16-22/4 pack at the release.
  4. Got a DIPA and another IPA yesterday. Pricey but good poo man. You pay for quality, no doubt.
  5. This newish brewery has quietly been making possibly the best barrel aged stouts in NC(all due respect to Resident Culture and Burial). If you are in the Piedmont region, you would be remiss to not check out their tap list to check out their stouts. Haven't been making great NEIPA's yet, but their dark beers have been exceptional. https://www.incendiarybrewing.com/
  6. Other Half has really blown up in NY and beyond for their NEIPA's but the truth is that a lot of Equilibrium's hazy IPA's are really just better.
  7. You were not wrong. Great Equilibrium beers from Beer Study. Had one just now. Stellar.
  8. RIS = Russian Imperial Stout. Pastry stouts are a more recent style of heavy adjunct beers(coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, maple syrup, you name it). There are actually quite a few beers that might meet your description these days(very popular set of adjuncts in the stout and BA stout world). I am thinking maybe Founders CBS, perhaps? That wouldn't be in a can though. Maple BA stouts are all the rage. I approve. My blood sugar probably doesn't.
  9. YES! I know which one you are talking about, but I can't think of the name of it either. It's like coffee, french toast (with syrup) and stout beer with a hint of bourbon in a can. Who needs an actual breakfast with that kind of offering?
  10. Anyone interested in some craft beer? I am going through a cellar inventory and reduction currently. I have about 2000-3000 bottles currently in the cellar. Lots of out of market or brewery only releases.
  11. There are a lot of different varieties of BA beers. I am not sure if you have had Darkness(Russian Imperial Stout from Surly Brewing) but it is actually aged in oak barrels that haven't been used for spirits. Same with Dogfish Head's Palo Santo Marron(Brown Ale aged in huge Palo Santo wood vessels). Or Cigar City made a couple of their flagship beers that have been aged in Amburana good(Hunaphu has previous versions in this wood). Those are some really cool barrel aged darker beers that are not in the traditional mold of a spirit barrel aged stout. But, yeah, who doesn't love a big stout
  12. Let me start off by saying I LOVE good beer. However, not all beer is good. While IPAs are my least favorite style, I still like them. I have been digging barrel aged (BA) beers for a while now. The first one to grab me was 'Dragon's Milk' by New Holland. A must have if you like this style. It's not for everyone. Some people don't like a hint of bourbon in their beer. Me? Best of both worlds! Moreover, BA offerings tend to be darker beers, which happen to be my favorite. So its a win, win, win for me. Anyone have a favorite BA offering they would like to shout out?
  13. Very cool man. Berry Study is one of the spots the wife and I love to venture to, well. When poo was normal. Now we just go pick up beer from there, and Hi-Wire mostly. That's partially why we love Hi-Wire so much, it's just easy to order online and go pick it up. We went there last week for a pick up, and they had a ton of people inside drinking without their mask on and I said. Yeah, no thanks.
  14. I know the Beer Study peeps fairly well and am pretty active in the Triangle beer world. Even from afar when I am working.
  15. I do. I'll order some NEIPA's from there and pick them up this weekend. I found what you were talking about on their website. Ordering it now. They have some of the brewery's you were talking about in your post as well. Will for sure pick up some from there.
  16. If you like NEIPA's. Sams and Beer Study dropped their portion of the Equilibrium drop for the area(brewery in NY). Really fantastic NEIPA's. I believe they have a TIPA that is a Trillium collab too.
  17. Beer Study Durham is good too. State of Beer in Raleigh is great, although most of the great part is when they will be back open again "for real."
  18. Yeah man, we got a few here in Durham that are good. Sams Bottle Shop is the poo. Thanks man, I'll have to check out those spots. Or order from there and pick it up. Since that's what we can do nowadays.
  19. The Triangle is the weakest area for locally brewed beer, although the distribution is some of the best in the state. You local best bets are Barrel Culture(somewhat hit or miss - specialized in sour beer), Funguys(also hit or miss, do some good NEIPA's), Bond Brothers(only really their BA stouts/barleywines and some of their bottled sours, most of the rest is meh). If you expand out a bit, Haw River is great(lots of great sours and Belgian style beers), Incendiary is fantastic(mainly stouts), Casita is phenomenal(mostly do everything well). Luckily there are so many fantastic bottl
  20. This is currently my favorite beer from there. I've legit never had a bad beer from Hi-Wire till this day. Not a huge fan of Lagers, but even their lagers are good. What is you guys favorite brewery? Does anyone have any other brewery's around the Triangle I should try? I do love a good sour, and a good NE Style IPA.

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